This place is incredible. I first stopped by for their Tuesday wing night, and was blown away by the wings. I spent 4 years in Buffalo, NY and I've been to plenty of wing nights and wing places, and I have to say Jamison's takes the cake. Between the size and sauces (either wet or a dry rub..can't go wrong) they're the best. To go along with those wings, the 16 taps are great. I don't expect a bar like this to have a great tap list, so the fact they do is a GREAT surprise.

Then the burger. I only got a very basic burger on their burger night (seriously...the specials here are insane) but you can tell the burger is handmade. Came out super juicy and the buffalo cheese was good and spicy.

I'm willing to bet anything else you get on the menu will be great. I've snacked on a few other of their offerings including the pizza and the crab cakes....again, nothing has been a miss.

If you go on a 'bad' night for them, I imagine you'll still walk out with quality food that you won't be mad about. Not sure if they're capable of a bad night though.

Atmosphere wise, it's a neighborhood bar. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a dive bar, but it's nothing you have to feel like you need to dress up to go to.