Whim has given me pleasant and unpleasant experiences. The size of the club is great; however the bathrooms are not big enough for when they are having a busy night. I've spent as long as 20 minutes standing in line to go to the bathroom. Whim has one of the nicest dance floor in the city, there is more than enough space for everyone, and you will never feel like you are getting pushed around. However, the DJ is questionable, he can be great some nights and some nights just completely go in a different direction. There have been nights where people left the club and gone to the club next door because the music choice was so poor. As far as drinks, whim offers different bars where you can go and get a drink so you never have to wait too long, prices are reasonable, and they usually taste OK. Whim offers 3 different environments: the outside, the lobby area, and the dance floor. The outside area is great during the warmer months, calm music, and places to sit down and talk to your friends. The lobby area gives you the bar feeling, where you can sit at the bar watch some sports on the tvs and still have music in the background but nothing too loud. And the dance floor, which I already mentioned. That is the only reason why Whim it is different from the other places around it. Unfortunately, it is a hit or miss for me.