This Saturday is the annual Dormont pub tour to help support the Dormont pool. Every bar will have specials all night long.

This year 11 bars are taking part in it. There is a chance to win prizes, just buy a t-shirt at any participating bar to get a map and list of locations. Simply make it to every bar so they can mark it off, and drop it off at the last bar you're at. Part of the t-shirt donation is tax deductible.

I will be making my return at the Vasta as the dj, been 3 years since I last did one haha. I will be starting at 8:30 so come on up to say hi and request a song, ill be there till 2 am.

So don't forget, this Saturday, April 29th, come on out and help support a good cause and just plain drink, you don't need any more motivation than that.

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