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Welcome to "Ask Steve Anything" as a regular here Steve (Ironbird) is known to have an opinion or answer for just about anything. He's also known for being a notorious bad speller. So we decided to give him his own column under one condition. He's not allowed to use a spell checker for anything. So if you have a question --- ANY QUESTION --- about anything at all, click "New Topic" or here and ask away!

The very best Christmas gift

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By: PixieDust - Dec 28 2005 @ 12:23 PM

Geeze, your getting lots of questions, Mr. Popular!!!

Anyway, this question is you and everybody else. What was the very best Christmas gift you've ever received? (It can be from childhood or not, doesn't matter.)


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What a Wookie!
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By: Ironbird - Dec 28 2005 @ 01:50 PM

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PixieDust wrote:

Geeze, your getting lots of questions, Mr. Popular!!!

Anyway, this question is you and everybody else. What was the very best Christmas gift you've ever received? (It can be from childhood or not, doesn't matter.)

As a kid I got quite a few Christmas gifts that I was very excited over, but probably a couple of my all time favorite's were my BB Gun's (ok.. everyone. all together now.. "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!!!" ) My Grandfather got me a single pump spring loaded BB gun when I was like 10 years old, so I'd go out into the woods find, bottles and cans, line them up and shoot em down. Full bottles were always the most fun. Then a couple years later I got a 10 pump air powered BB/pellet rifle. This thing was great! by then I was already a great shot from practicing with the older one and with this new one could very easily pick off cans and bottles at a good distance, not to mention birds on power lines and the occasional squirl in the woods. Then when I was about 13 or 14 I hit the mother load of BB Guns. This was a CO2 powered BB Pistol, designed to look like an old west 6 shooter.

It took a little to get used to it but once I did there was just about nothing that I couldn't hit. and Being that I was a "stupid teenager" that thought I was indestructible, I would go out in the woods with some of my fellow "stupid teenager" friends who also thought they were indestructible, and we'd have BB Gun battles, where pretty much paint ball battles using metal BB's instead of paint (I never said we were very bright, unly extremely lucky that no one ever got seriously hurt). I always primarily used my 10 pump, that way I could safely stand behind a tree out of the range of their guns, while being able to pick them off 1 by one. Then there was the day of the "BIG BATTLE". The term "Never give up, Never Surrender" from the movie Galaxy Quest never heald more true that day. we just kept shooting the fuck out of each other until (enter dramatic music here)... my 10 pump ran out of BB's. This cocky kid, who I never liked, gets up saying "all out of amo?? so what are you going to now, as he's walking towards me pumping up his gun like he's going to get me good once he walks far enough in range. It was like a scene in an old west movie (or back to the future 3), because as he gets just close enough I reach into my jacket and grab my CO2 BB pistol, that I had tucked in my belt, pulled it out, too aim and hit him square in the middle of the chest scaring the living shit out of him the the rest of his friends who has also come out from behind their trees by now, as I aim and start blasting away at each of them. Sure it only held 6 shots, but if you got hit by that, even at a distance, YOU KNOW IT. and it only took a a couple seconds to reload, so they went running.

Ahh.. Memories... :::^D::

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By: Funkyskull77 - Dec 28 2005 @ 03:24 PM

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Santa brought me third-row tickets to see Martina McBride and DVR this year. Those are pretty kick-ass gifts!! :::^D::

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By: Von Bek - Dec 28 2005 @ 04:44 PM

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I would have to say when I was Tweleve. All that winter ny brother had been whining about wanting a Les Paul for Christmas. We had both been playing guitar for a few years and were really getting into Music at this point. Well I knew that my parents had gotten it for him as I helped them pick it out. So we open all our presents and there was no guitar. My brother was very visibly upset almost to the point of tears. Well my parents, who have a long history of yanking our chains with Christmas gifts, let him stew for awhile. Well right before he's to the point where he's going to start bawling they bring in his Guitar. And as I am looking at him with the look of awe on his face sudennly there is a guitar case in my lap too. Well being completly shocked by this, as I haden;t even asked for one, I open the case. Sitting there in the case was the Holy Grail of rock guitars. A deep red stained with black Pickguard, Fender Stratocaster. ::M^):: Well for those of you who know Guitars this was a 79 strat which was the last year that you could get an american made Strat until the late 90's or so. I have been offered huge sims of money for this guitar over the years and some unbelivable trades. However I would never part with this as it's not only one of the best guitars I've ever played but it was the best and most suprising gift I ever got. Even more than that Baboon liver I got a few years ago when I was dying of liver diease......ok I'm kidding about the Baboon part.

What a Wookie!
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By: Hammer - Dec 29 2005 @ 06:05 PM

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Three Xmas gifts really stand out in my mind...

A real honest to goodness swiss army knife. Not one of those knockoffs you see at the thrift store, but one made by Victorinox. It was one of my prized posessions for years as a kid, and I really used the hell out of it. Then one day while walking home up a big wooded hill it must have slipped out of my pocket. I walked that hill a lot and every time I'd be looking for my damn knife.

A BB/Pellet rifle. Daisy of course, but a pretty good model because my dad didn't want me shooting a shitty gun. My friend Kirk got a gun that year too, so we were the great white hunters shooting anything that moved (including his aunt - long story) and became so damn accurate we would spend evenings shooting the stems of dandelions.

In 6th grade I saved up my money and used birthday money to get my first computer, a Timex Sinclaire 1000, which I loved. Hell I even had a subscription to a monthey magazine that told you how to hack/program the thing. Well a few years later I still have the computer bug but want more power and begged - BEGGED my parents for a Commodore Vic 20. They told me no. No way. I would never get a Vic 20. On Xmas day I opened a big box and there was my Commodore 64... they just had to get me the better of the two computers, and to this day I still have the box and reciept (Hills) for that computer.

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By: Luisquiroz - Nov 16 2017 @ 11:20 AM

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I received real diamond ring before 2 years, which is so special for me forever.

Edited: Nov 18, 2017 03:09 AM

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