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Brookline Pub

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By: Brkreviews - Feb 28 2013 @ 03:57 PM

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There aren't any recent reviews on The Brookline Pub, which surprises me with all the changes that have been made. Their new burgers and pizzas are awesome and delicious, you get a huge specialty burger and a side of fries, which are cooked to perfection! They also started making pizzas, your normal pizzas and specialty ones, like Stuffed Pepper pizza! I paid a visit there early this week and saw that they had brand new Martini's, my girl loved the chocolate martini! My only suggestion is to play some different music on your weekend nights. Hardcore rap isn't everyone's preference.


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Post happy.
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By: Captincoors1 - Mar 07 2013 @ 10:30 PM

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Hate to say it but thats going to be the norm in that area now. Senior frogs has had a 23 and over policy for a while now but recently a lot of those people are tired of the issues down there and head to the other area bars. I dj up the street in dormont and i can tell when something happened down there. i dont get into the hardcore crap, not my style at all, i like to see girls dancing, not guys looking at eachother.

Anyways, i was at the pub about 3 months ago and there is a review on here that sumed up the place at the time, but i do hope they changed it around. Hearing the n word thrown around was asking for trouble. they had good food before and decent portions but i would have to agree if they playing that type of music constantly, it will not end well.

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