Been here for lunch twice now. I was attracted to the place because of the outdoor patio, which is really nice, and kind of tough to find in downtown.

The food was decent, and reasonably priced. You can get out of there for under $10 if you skip the drink. Of course, I got two drafts (Great Lakes Elliot Ness), and they ran me $5.75 each! Holy crap! Guess that pays for the nice, outdoor venue.

The service was a bit spotty though. The wait staff was nice, but my first trip we had to wait a long time for our food. This time around, the four people in my party each got our food at different times. I thought it was maybe because I ordered appetizers, but the other three people got burgers, and they all came out separately. Two of us were half done with our meal before the other two guys got theirs.

I didn't check out the bathrooms, but my buddies said it was a really awkward setup. Urinals were in full view of the open door, and there was a stiff breeze from the hand drying while you were relieving yourself.

So, is it worth the downsides to have a nice outdoor lunch or drink? I think I can find a better spot...