Bootleggers is a typical college bar in the heart of Oakland. The interior space has a relaxed and laid back vibe and is usually dimly lit but with not much d├ęcor to speak of. The only space apart from the bar area is a billiard room with three pool tables and a place to play darts. Very unique and interesting murals on the walls of the billiard room! The staff is always polite and work hard to serve everyone in a timely manner but with only bartenders no servers on a weekend it can take a hot minute to get waited on.

The drinks are between a 6-8 rating, they usually have decent pitcher specials and the mixed drinks aren't low on liquor. Six packs are available for purchase too. The atmosphere is a nice setting to catch up with friends or play a game of pool and large TV's are posted around the bar to watch whatever games are on. Overall, I've enjoyed this bar multiple times without waiting in a long line outside on the weekends and would recommend it to others. I plan on returning and give this typical college town bar a seven overall.