If you've been to a Hard Rock anywhere, you will pretty much know what to expect from the Pittsburgh Hard Rock, although Pittsburgh's is the smallest one I've been to.

I have always loved the Hard Rock. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just the idea of beer, food, and loud music that attracts me? Anyway, I've been to the Pittsburgh Hard Rock a few times now, and I've been happy with the food, the music has always been great, and the service is wonderful. My one complaint is the price. The food is not outrageous, but the beer prices just seemed ridiculous. The one night I think our bill for four people was around $75, and we each only had two or three beers. Ok, granted, they were Sam Adams, they were each 22 oz, and we got to keep the glasses, but it still seemed steep to me. Maybe I just drink at home too often?

Regardless, I will probably still be back. I like the food, the bands I saw sounded great, and there's just something about the words "Hard Rock" oo/ I'll just make sure I limit myself to one beer next time.