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Hottest Spot on North Shore

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Pittsburgh Worst-Rated Bars
photos map Pool table Smoking REVIEWED Rated 4 80 S 12th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-431-9282
Kopy's is a neighborhood bar filled mostly with locals and occasionally with college aged drinkers who enjoy the low prices. There is no theme to the place and I think that's why I like it. It's just a bar and not much else. It reminds me of the small town bars I used to frequent before I moved to Pittsburgh and it's a very rare find on the Southside these days. It's well run, the bartenders are ...Read more
photos map Darts Pool table Smoking REVIEWED Rated 4 1600 Bingham
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-431-9358
A popular South Side stop, McArdles has a large crowd of regulars, and is a popular stop for bar hoppers alike. It's cheap beer prices and 'shot-and-a-beer' selection welcomes you in the door, and tells you up front that this is not a pretentious bar. What you see is what you get, and what you get is bar. Plain and simple. There is something for everyone here - a large television, video ...Read more
Mad Mex
photos map web page Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 370 Atwood Street.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-681-5656
First thing, and this is just a pet peeve of mine, but the bar stools here are fixed to the floor, preventing me from sliding back, leaning, and mainly getting my knees to stop grinding into the bar. The bartender served us our drinks immediately. Customers at the bar are treated to free nachos and salsa, a nice touch. The music is controlled by whoever changes the CD from a stereo behind the ...Read more
photos map Darts Pool table Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 3619 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Phone: 412-882-1885
Rookies is what a local hangout should be. A lot of locals, mixed with enough strangers to keep the place exciting. The owner, Ray, is almost always around to talk to, and he likes to keep things moving on weekends with live bands or DJ'ed music. If that isn't enough there are a lot of bar games to keep you busy while you enjoy your drinks. Call Rookies for band schedules. ...Read more
Club Erotica
photos map Dancing Pool table Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 826 Island Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15136
Phone: 412-771-1166
I know that this really isn't a bar. They don't serve mixed drinks, and they don't even have a liquor license, but Club Erotica is one of the nicest strip clubs in Pittsburgh. On your way in they hit you with a hefty $15 cover charge which sounds like a lot until you realize that all the beer is free (after you pay for your $1 cup) and that they usually have at least 40 beautiful women dancing ...Read more
Apple Inn
photos map Darts Smoking REVIEWED Rated 5 2895 W Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: 412-343-5300
When I walked into The Apple, the first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of people in the place for a Wednesday night. The crowd was a younger, almost college aged, group and everyone was very friendly. Well… not everyone. When I snapped a picture for this review one lady followed my out to my car and insisted that I was breaking the law by so rudely taking her picture. I looked at ...Read more
Michael's Pizza Bar And Restaurant
photos map Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 2612 Sarah Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-0232
Phone: 412-381-6102
Hidden on Sara Street on the South Side most people don't even know that Michael's exists, which is a real shame because Michael's is on of the best after-work spots on the south side, and I hear they have some really fantastic pizza too. I really liked how the place was kept clean, and despite not having a lot of room, they still managed to make the place feel a lot larger then it actually is. ...Read more
Karwoski's Tavern
photos map Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 132 S 24th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-431-0160
The first impression I had upon entering was "MAN IS THIS PLACE DARK" there is one actual light fixture (in use). It's so dark that I had to write most of the initial review by the glow of a poker machine. You know the way your eyes you get when walking into a dark room when you have been out all day in the sun, well when it's dark outside and you walk into Karwoski's, same feeeling. The bathroom ...Read more
Primanti Brothers- Market Square
photos map web page Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 2 South Market Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1813
Phone: 412-621-4444
This is one of those places that I always take out-of-towners to. It is a quintessentially "Pittsburgh" place. This is where you get the "Pittsburgh" version of a cheesesteak--it comes with the fries and coleslaw right on the sandwich, and they are excellent. Price can't be beat, too, at under $5. There are non-meat versions available, too. You come to this bar more for the food than the drinks. ...Read more
Original Oyster House
photos map web page Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 20 Market Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-566-7925
Established in 1870, this bar is an historic landmark and the oldest union bar in the city. One of the previous owners attended every Miss America pageant and the bar is decorated with pictures of the contestants. It is known for its generous fish sandwiches--a very good value. When I get a craving for fish, I come here. This is the second place I would bring out-of-towners to, after ...Read more
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