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Hottest Spot on North Shore

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Pittsburgh Cheapest Bars
Club Erotica
photos map Dancing Pool table Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 826 Island Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15136
Phone: 412-771-1166
I know that this really isn't a bar. They don't serve mixed drinks, and they don't even have a liquor license, but Club Erotica is one of the nicest strip clubs in Pittsburgh. On your way in they hit you with a hefty $15 cover charge which sounds like a lot until you realize that all the beer is free (after you pay for your $1 cup) and that they usually have at least 40 beautiful women dancing ...Read more
Gordon's Restaurant
photos map Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 6 806 Brookline Blvd
Brookline, PA 15226-2104
Phone: 412-561-9433
Gordon's is famous for their corned beef sandwiches, which are stacked high on freshly cut bread. The bar itself is large and clean with a colorful group of regulars who were nothing but friendly and happy. I was very impressed by the service, and the look and feel of the place. The dining area tables are something you would expect to find outdoors. Far from being cheap this setup must have ...Read more
Karwoski's Tavern
photos map Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 132 S 24th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-431-0160
The first impression I had upon entering was "MAN IS THIS PLACE DARK" there is one actual light fixture (in use). It's so dark that I had to write most of the initial review by the glow of a poker machine. You know the way your eyes you get when walking into a dark room when you have been out all day in the sun, well when it's dark outside and you walk into Karwoski's, same feeeling. The bathroom ...Read more
J & J Bar
photos map Darts Pool table Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 6 5836 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone: 412-653-1191
I did not want to walk into J & J's when I found it. It looked like the kind of bar where the locals would chew up anybody they didn't know. I was completely wrong on that assumption. Well, not completely, the bartender started to poke fun of me as soon as I sat down and helped to make me feel right at home. This is not a pretentious bar with people sitting around sipping their imported ...Read more
The Melrose
photos map Darts Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 6 2712 Brownsville Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Phone: 412-881-9693
The Melrose, on Brownsville Road, is nothing fancy, and nothing special, but the patrons are what makes this a nice place to go. While it is true that everyone in the bar knows everyone else in the bar, they were all very friendly and having a good time with each other. I didn't sense any attitude coming from anyone, and the prices are just amazingly good even if the selection isn't the best. ...Read more
Pollock's Cafe
photos map Smoking REVIEWED Rated 6 4602 Liberty Ave
Bloomfield, PA 15224-1923
Phone: 412-682-1460
Pollock's is your average local bar. The bartender knows everyone and what they're drinking. There is, however, one thing that sets it apart from most other local hangouts: the patrons and staff are accepting of newcomers. I had a pleasant conversation with the bartender, making me feel welcome and willing to come back. The drink prices are very reasonable, especially if you drink liquor. There ...Read more
photos map Smoking REVIEWED Rated 6 106 E. Mall Plaza
Carnegie, PA 15106
Phone: 412-278-2117
Nazcar's is your average local bar, a little cleaner than most, though. I really don't have too much to say about the place. They don't have a large selection. They don't have specials, entertainment, or bar games. If you just want to have some relatively cheap drinks and get home early (the latest they're open is 11:00 PM), this would be a good ...Read more
Rusty Barrel Saloon
photos map Darts Pool table Smoking REVIEWED Rated 9 153 South 18th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Once Was:St. James Place Tavern
Be one of the first to check out the Rusty Barrel. For any that ever visited St James Place Tavern, be prepared for a shock. The place has been completely redone. The bar has been moved from what was the front to the back. They are still putting the finishing touches on the place but with $2 Any Drink, all day, all month -its ready for a visit ...Read more
photos map web page Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 7 26th & East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-2101
Phone: 412-431-4090
This has to be one of the best-kept secrets in Pittsburgh. From the outside Excuses looks like the kind of bar most people under 50 would avoid, but inside it's completely decked out and well maintained. With a huge draft beer selection, and a very nice mixed drink selection there is something here for everyone. The jukebox has every guitar great known to man, and Excuses has lives bands on ...Read more
photos map Darts Pool table Smoke-Free REVIEWED Rated 5 3619 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Phone: 412-882-1885
Rookies is what a local hangout should be. A lot of locals, mixed with enough strangers to keep the place exciting. The owner, Ray, is almost always around to talk to, and he likes to keep things moving on weekends with live bands or DJ'ed music. If that isn't enough there are a lot of bar games to keep you busy while you enjoy your drinks. Call Rookies for band schedules. ...Read more
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