Carson City Saloon
1401 East Carson Street · Pittsburgh, PA 15203 · 412-481-3203
The Southside's Playground

Sports bar in the heart of the historic Southside, known for it's 64oz Papa Smurf and awesome Pittsburgh game time specials! Check out our new ROOF TOP deck!

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The Saga of Carson City Saloon

It began in mid 2005, at a random bar in Pittsburgh. Three brothers; Jayson, Frankie, and Brian would meet every Friday for happy hour after work. Brian had a very fulfilling job sitting behind a computer in a five foot cubical, getting once again lectured about his TPS reports. The middle brother Frank used his West Virginia University degree to get him a gratifying job selling women's shoes at Gary's shoe store. Jayson, the oldest of the three brothers, is currently unemployed after getting fired for sleeping with his bosses daughter...and then telling him about it.

On a very special day in June after waiting over 10 minutes to get three $5 beers, they complained about everything from Work- College- Girlfriends, and the fact they are going to wait another 10 minutes for their next round.

While waiting, they began reflecting for a little on what they learned in college. After about five minutes, they couldn't think of one useful bit of information they learned in their classes. I mean when was the last time you tried to calculate the degrees of an isosceles triangle? The only real things they learned is don't schedule early classes, drinking is fun no matter what your guidance counselor told you, and 18 is legal. With this being the major facts that the three of them learned throughout their year, no wonder none of the them made the four year plan! But then again, neither did other successful people such as Billy Madison, Tommy Callahan Jr., Budman, and Jay Bird. So basically they've learned that they like to sleep in, go drinking at bars, and hit on cute girls. They just sat there wondering why the corporate world wasn't knocking at their door.

Frank slightly buzzed, turned to the others and jokingly said, "I am sick and tired of going to bars where I have to pay some clueless middle-aged bartender who thinks a "red headed slut" is a snooty college freshman that dates half the football team." Inspired over Frank's speech, Bird (which is a nickname they call their father) said, "Screw our jobs. We spend so much time in bars we should just start our own bar, a fun bar. I want to be able to walk into a bar, high five everyone in the place, watch some football, eat good food, drink a lot of beer, and dance with cute drunk girls all night long. Now why can't I find a place to do that?"

The other three agreed and all of them raised their glass and toasted to the bar that was about to be born. After many rounds, 3 pizzas, and every ounce of their sobriety their dream was created.

Planning an office party and not so sure where to go? Having a large get together? Consider Carson City Saloon for all your party essentials! Our mezzanine and roof top deck are perfect for parties large and small; you can count on our staff to provide the best of service to you and your guests.

* Organize your party with 10 or more guests at least one week in advance
* We will provide the best possible service for your party
* Parties can be held any day (including weekends)
* Call (412) 481 - 3203 and ask for a manager to reserve your party today!

Wed. - Fri.5:00pmtil1:45am

ATM/Cards Accepted: ATM On-Site, Mastercard, Visa, American Express