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The Pub at Tonidale

The Pub at Tonidale

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The Pub at Tonidale
7001 Old Stuebenville Pike
Oakdale, PA 15071-9801
W: http://

Once Was: Tonidale Landmark Inn

Review Unreviewed

Review Unreviewed

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User Reviews Average User Rating: 5.8

User Reviews Average User Rating: 5.8

By: El caddy - Dec 31 2014 @ 10:58 AM

User's Rating: 2

Warning, they are a major rip off. They want 4 dollars for a draft of miller. But a bottle is only 3 bucks. what a shame. Show me any place that charges 4 bucks for a draft. We ordered food and had another drink. Walked outta there with a 70 dollar tab, looked at my wife and she flipped. Got an appetizer and wings. Never, ever, ever go there again. Horrible food.

By: CurtO - Jan 26 2014 @ 03:55 PM

User's Rating: 10

First, the name has changed to "The Pub at Tonidale" with their Facebook page and in my opinion, with the name change came great improvement over the old Tonidale.

I stopped by on a Saturday night to celebrate a friend's new job. This was the second time I've stopped by since their renovation. The first change noticed is the back room where 2 pool tables used to be - walking past the dance floor and down a hall, it is now sealed up with 2 dart machines where the hallway was. This night wasn't busy when I got there about 7:30, but did pick up as the night went on. To be fair, we had been getting snow most of the day and driving wasn't bad but would have been easier to just stay home.

To the right of the bar is the dance floor, to the left of the bar is another change where they tore the wall down and opened up the area, now there are a few tall tables, a pool table, plenty of room to stand, and a few tv's.

I didn't use the bathroom so I can't comment if the bathrooms have received an update, but I really hope so.

On the back of the dance floor is a big screen projection tv with the main game on, which tonight was Pitt vs. Maryland - and then Pens vs. Stars. Along the wall there are at least 4 flat screen tv's of different sizes. I noticed numerous tv's throughout the bar, it was nice, whichever way I looked, there seemed to be a tv available to watch. Upon first arriving the bigger TV's had the Pitt game on with various other college games on the other tv's. Once the Pens came on at 8pm, the majority of tv's were switched to the Pens, as you would expect.

Behind the bar are 20 beer taps, nothing too outrageous from what I saw, but a nice selection. Behind the bar is the kitchen area. The two bartenders that helped us while there were very attentative, knowledgable, and friendly. They are the type of bartender you are very happy to leave a generous tip for. There were other workers that were behind the bar from time to time, but also friendly with customers and asked if we needed anything.

The back section to the right off of the dance floor was not open, but made sense for the size of the crowd that was there. Also, I get the feeling that area is more of a dining room, but there is a bar in there as well which is nice if anticipate a busy night.

I believe this is a nonsmoking establishment, but there is a table area outside which will be very nice for summer.

Food. I didn't look at the menu, but the specials of the night sign had:
$2.oo Yuengling drafts
$5.00 Smirnoff pitchers
$10.99 Buffalo Chicen Pizza
specials ending at midnight.
$2.00 Yuengling Porters all day

To be fair with this review...I used to go to Tonidale a few years back as my "last stop of the night" and it would always be super busy. Like I said, this was the second time I've been there since the remodel. The first time I was there was in in September after a wedding that was hosted next-door at Cornerstone at Tonidale Banquet Hall. So a lot of the wedding party transferred the party to the Pub, so I'm not sure how busy they were before we got there. But, comparing the way it was to the way it is now, I am very satisfied and happy Tonidale has returned to being a local place in Robinson Township to meet up with friends.

By: William6464 - Mar 12 2013 @ 07:20 PM

User's Rating: 2

Not a good experience! as soon as we got there (sober) the older looking anorexic bartender was trash talking us behide our back to the other customers, making it very clear we (not her regulars) were not welcome! Even after tipping her generously the trash talk and HORRIBLE service continued.. Its a shame because I use to really like that place

By: Guinness99 - Feb 22 2008 @ 09:30 AM

User's Rating: 8

I'll tell you the Tonnidale can be a great bar. The food is great as well as the crowd. I started going there well before it was remodled into the Six flames Grille. I kinda miss the old bar in a way probably due to past memories, what can you say it was my sunday hangout. Being a guy the girl/guy ratio was always good when i was there. My best memory of the tonnidale was probably when I met a hottie out there and had to help her with a plunger stick in the old back bathrooms. I guess trying to be a plumber helped out. Hey it was worth a kiss and a # right. memories can't lose em can't forget em

By: CurtO - Sep 29 2007 @ 10:37 PM

User's Rating: 5

Tonidale was my last stop of the night for about 2 years now since it is 5 minutes from home. It was about the only spot in the area that had a dance floor and people there late at night that I know of, which is a good thing. I would spend a couple bucks, then roll on home. Not a necessary thing, just something to do before going home.

Well, they solved my extra 5 minutes out of the way drive to visit them because they started charging a $5.00 cover for dudes. Why? Because they can I guess.

Regardless, I won't be back there until I hear the cover has been taken away.

Not a bad place, just definately not worth paying the cover for a last stop before going home. So I will give them a 5 rating, for the $5 charge.

By: Jprom - May 13 2007 @ 10:33 PM

User's Rating: 7

Best Karaoke in the Pittsburgh area, especially on wednesday's what sound system. Totally lame friday's & saturday's. The DJ's on the weekends play the same old shit week after week & it seems that the crowd that goes there on the weekends is the main cause requesting the same songs week after week. Both DJ's have under powered low budget systems that I wouldn't use for my home stereo that surprises me since the the KJ on wednesday has system that really rocks (Singers if you like to karaoke you have got to check this out!!) Drinks are pretty good although I did notice that the tequila I was drinking did not look or taste proper. Tall blonde & short blonde bartenders are awesome the others act like it's a chore to wait on you. Over all if like to sing karaoke wednesday is a must but on the weekends if like to dance to the latest tunes go somewhere else. Because of the karaoke I give this room a 7 otherwise it would rate about a 3!

By: Deltav22 - Apr 18 2006 @ 12:10 PM

User's Rating: 1

STAY AWAY, LADIES ESPECIALLY!!! The bartenders and staff here are good people and they work hard, be clear about that. As a customer (now former) of over eight years, I have personally seen liquor being diluted by mgmnt, customers' g/f's and/or wives being hit on by the "owner" (merely a behind-in-rent tenant, mind you) and told that they should come in more often b/c they "make his bar look beautiful" as he offers them free drink chips, theft and vandalization of customers' property, not to mention a few direct accounts I have heard of girls drinks being unknowingly "doctored", most likely by other customers...creepy ones. As if the "owner" lurking around all night ogling and hitting on the female patrons isnt bad enough, there are often female non-employees going in and out of the back office on any given night. Shady? You decide.

These regular occurrences are merely the tip of the iceberg. All told, know that there is NOTHING GOOD going on in this establishment. This comes from a long-time patron who simply got tired of watching an "owner" run his bar into the ground. Do yourself a favor and find another place to spend your hard-earned money. I know I will.

By: Princess6527 - Feb 03 2005 @ 12:33 PM

User's Rating: 8
I can say that the people who say "this bar sucks" or "I hate the Tonidale" are the same people that are there every Friday and Saturday night! Like any bar there are the good and the bad, but this bar's biggest advantage is it gives you downtown type fun right down the street. You don't pay to park, there is no cover charge, the drinks are good and strong and it takes you anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes to get home. The DJ's are great (Flasko is my favorite), the bartenders are awsome and if you come there enough, they know your name and exactly what you drink the minute you walk up to the bar, and more times than not all your friends are there and you make your own fun. The only downfall is yes, there are fights and there are those creepy nasty guys at the bar, but the bouncer's are awsome (unless you are the one they are throwing out), and you are going to see creepy nasty guys anywhere you go.

By: Beneath The Leaves - Jan 02 2005 @ 09:06 PM

User's Rating: 7
This place makes me want to BARF! The staff and the drinks are just dandy but the customers who tend to be there are creepy, old, horny men. I warn you ladies... even if you go with you boyfriend these men are not afraid. Bring your mace! Other than that -- good music and fun.

By: Mrsdebo - Nov 30 2004 @ 08:46 PM

User's Rating: 10
This is my favorite bar west of the city! If your looking for a good local bar with lots of locals this is the place. You can pretty much rest assure that you will see familiar faces each and every time you are in there. Beers are cheap, dj's are awesome and the bartenders keep you happy!! Oh, and that creepy old dude that walks around is the owner. He is there every night making sure the ladies in the bar are happy!!!

By: tat2planet - Sep 19 2004 @ 01:29 PM

User's Rating: 4
NOW CALLED SIX FLAMES!! REMODELED! UPDATED! This establishment is one i will not be making a venture to in the near future. Although it is very large interior, the walkways from bar to dance floor are congested and make navigating the bar quite a chore. Good music selection from the DJ's - especially Flasco(?) - who entertain the crowd nightly. Fairly pricey for the location it is in - if i want high priced alcohol and stuffy atmosphere i'll go for Tequila Willi's. The major upside is there are (2) pool tables in the back of the bar/lounge area. The downfall is that it is $1.00 a game. The bartenders are attractive and know it, thus a smug attitude (but the drinks are great). Also, there is some creepy old dude that wanders the establishment. Any place with a police officer at the door cannot be a good thing. Who knows though, you may like it. Just my op.
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