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Billy's Roadhouse

Billy's Roadhouse

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Billy's Roadhouse
10150 Old Perry Hwy
Wexford, PA 15090-9801
P: 724-934-1177

Review Unreviewed

Review Unreviewed

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User Reviews Average User Rating: 7.6

User Reviews Average User Rating: 7.6

By: Pop - Nov 28 2011 @ 09:43 AM

User's Rating: 10

It's hard to believe that 'Barsmart' hasn't reviewed here as it's been open for 15 years. The wings are excellent and the food I've had over the years has never been a disappointment. I really like how the draft beer is cold and that it's a clean establishment. Plenty of free parking, several evenings with live music and a real variety of daily specials. It might be a tad difficult to find but it's worth the effort.

By: BigAsYou - Jun 30 2009 @ 07:30 PM

User's Rating: 10

Having traveled by Billy's here in the North Hills a few times, I finally put it on my list for a review.

Drifting past the front door I settled into a stool at the end of the bar. I had a perfect view of four LCD tv's above the bar. Each was tuned into a different channel. I no more sat down and was greeted by a middle aged woman followed by a "What'll you have?" and a menu was in her hand. "Nice start," I said to myself.

My drink was in front of me before I could scan the menu. The window into the kitchen was to the right of the bar and food was coming out like a beagle in a vacuum sweeper factory. Big portions and delicious looking as well. A steady parade of wings, towering burgers, and fresh salads marched past me towards the other diners.

The average price for a lunch item was around $8.50. Breaking from tradition of my usual burger, I settled for the Italia Panini. "Good choice, we've been serving plenty of those today!" exclaimed the female bartender. She was very friendly but not flirtacious...just professional.

The place has a very comfortable feel to it. Almost everthing is made with wood. bar, walls and even a carsided ceiling. Reminded me of the clubhouse on a golf course in Wichita where I used to play. Warm and friendly. Where you could walk in and no one gave you the "fish-eye" because you weren't a regular.

The cooks were very friendly as well and we exchanged rantings about the world today. I noticed that the place had a variety of clientele. Office workers, blue collar laborers, and suits.

My plate arrived and it appeared to be a bushel basket of fries holding my double fisted panini as a hostage... Steamy hot and grilled to perfection. I tried using the ketchup as a subterfuge to distract the fries as I reached for the sandwich. It worked and the sandwich was soon seeking refuge in my stomach. Delicious.

My soda never reached the bottom of the glass and it seemed that the bartender kept trying to drown the ice cubes the entire time I was there.

Behind me, through the windows I could see a volleyball pit and outside seating. To one end of the bar-grill was an alcove where the live entertainment would perform. Above the bar were shelved for display about 40 different bottles of beer that are offered here at Billy's. The usual tap offerings were available as well.

There is an upstairs level for seating as this place can be rather busy at night.

I would highly recommend Billy's Roadhouse if you are in the North Hills. Ample parking, extremely friendly staff and even the cooks are a real hoot! I WILL be back!

By: Sammy - Aug 01 2001 @ 08:11 AM

User's Rating: 9
Great food very good service friendly company

By: BT5022 - Aug 31 2000 @ 03:39 PM

User's Rating: 2
This place is extremely small and very over priced. The location is nice in that it is surrounded by a field and a wooded area. Pretty cool to see the deer get that close to the bar but not worth the effort unless you are a early to mid 20's yuppie.

By: Chuckchaz - Aug 22 2000 @ 06:01 PM

User's Rating: 7
Off the beaten path on Old Perry Highway Billy's is a nice, clean, cool hang out. Just take a look out the back windows and you will see the deer eating from the feeder. The food is above average and the have some specials too. Very nice atmosphere, very good service.
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