Sienna Mercato is a must in downtown Pittsburgh. The three-story restaurant concept features a meatball emporio, woodfire pizza mezzo and a rooftop beer garden. The food is absolutely delicious and ranges on average from $10-$15 a plate. I thought I may be missing out on the meatball experience by ordering a vegetarian option, but it was hands down the best food I've had in the city! The third floor rooftop bar is settled amongst the skyscrapers of downtown PGH. The drinks are a bit pricey, but well worth it considering the selection of liquors and craft beers. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends and the ambiance truly makes you feel like you're out in the city when you go here. I'd highly recommend the bar for anyone looking for a young professional vibe and an escape from the South Side. Warning—they don't take reservations, so you're better off grabbing a drink at the bar and hanging out until a table opens up. Hostesses use the NoWait smartphone app and text you when there's available seating.