This bar is truly one of the gems of Southside. And other than their limited tolerance for Rammstein on the jukebox I have only positive things to say!

The decor is unique, the lighting is dark, and the music is great. Perhaps best of all the crowd is always interesting. This is one of those bars that transcends all social groups and I love that about it. This bar has become somewhat of a safe haven for me in the Southside bar scene, one of the key reasons being that there is a severe lack of douchbaggery here (for lack of a better term). All those random tough guys and obnoxious girls don't seem to know this bar exists and I hope to god it stays that way!

Winghart's is solely responsible for broadening my horizons in the world of whiskeys, bourbons, and scotches. The best and most diverse selection of top shelf spirits this city has to offer, and no other place I've seen even comes close! For those of you who have not developed their palate yet and have no idea where to begin, have no worries, the bartenders (who have sampled each and every bottle of liquor) will help to guide you. Make sure you ask for the price before they pour though, it could run you anywhere from $6-$30 for a glass depending on your selected vintage. I personally recommend the Bulleit Rye. And for beginners Angels Envy would probably be a great choice.

The hamburgers here are the best Pittsburgh has to offer, of that I am absolutely certain. I've been to some of the other "gourmet burger joints" but they simply do not compare. All of them are good, but if you want your mind blown order the Shipwrecked burger. So. Freakin. Good. To go with your burger order some of their seasoned fries with the cheese sauce on them. Excellent. Also recently I noticed they actually added Wings to their menu! The unique flavors they have available you will find at no other wing place in the city. Tikka Masala Wings? YES!

The bartenders are excellent. Very friendly, knowledgable, attentive, and speedy. What more could you want? I personally have to give props to bartenders Alex and Erin. Those two go a long way toward making Winghart's my favorite bar in Southside to hang. Tip them well!