Stage AE is by far my favorite venue for concerts. 2 summers ago I think I went there for about 7 concerts, and this past summer I went to about 5. I hate places that have assigned seating and are too big, and stage AE has a good view from everywhere and you can stand where you want. I always go down to the front of the pit where all the action is. I've crowd surfed and tailgated so many times. It is also very easy to get to from south side if you don't want to drive. We have taken the bus part of the way and walked the rest, and now that the new T route opened we've been taking that most of the way there. This past weekend we even pregamed in Mount Washington, took the incline down, and then the T over from Station Square. I have definitly had my best nights in Pittsburgh at Stage AE...2 DayGlows, Incubus, 311, Sublime, OAR, Girl Talk and many more!