All I can say about this place is Wow.. as in Wow I can't believe how bad this place was.

My Girlfriend and I went here Jan 8th to see an 80's cover band called "Into the Arena". We sit down at a table and after a 10 min or so the waitress comes over and we order a couple beers and all is good, well, except for the singing.. The guy from Into the Arena was just horrible.. The waitress brings us our beers and we're listening to the band just flat out butcher songs that I hear sung better at Karaoke.. We finish our beers and I look around for our waitress. I see her on the other side of the room so I wait for her to make her way over to us. When she does make her way to our side of the room 10 - 15 min later she looks directly at us and our empty glasses as she practically runs right past us without giving us a chance to ask for another round. I figure maybe she already had a few orders she needed to put in and she'll be back shortly. But No, she scurries right on past us a couple more times until after like the 3rd "fly by" I loudly ask "Can we get another couple beer??!!!??!!!" She stops, looks at us, and acknowledges that she heard me saying "I'll have those for you in a min". After a few min she comes back with our beers. As she's handing us our glasses I decide to order us a couple snakebites (Yukonjack and Limejuice). She brings them over after a few min. we drink the shots and taste nothing but limejuice at all. The Waitress was a few tables over so as she looks up I wave to her asking for her to come over. I tell her that the shots tastes completely void of Yukonjack. She says she will ask the bartender. 15 min goes by and she brings 2 new shots over, this time they seemed to be ok.. We had 1 more round of beers and shortly after midnight we had our fill of Badly sung covers and slow service so I paid our tab and we go to the car. One would think at this point the adventure is pretty much over, right? Oh how wrong you would be.. Because no sooner did we pull out of the parking lot and onto the side road, that connects a few neighboring business parking lots before you get to Rt 30, then I saw a set of headlights turn on in the Bestbuy parking lot next door. I pull up to the stop sign (and stop) then proceed forward and up to the stop light. By this time those headlights are directly behind us. The light turns green and I pull onto Rt 30 and on comes the Red and Blue lights pulling us over. Mr Police officer come up to my window and asks me for the usual BS. As I hand him my license, registration, and ins card I ask what the problem was. He says I didn't stop at the stop sign, which I know was complete Bull shit, but I also know it's useless to try and argue this with a cop especially when it's obvious that he's trying to make his quote on DUI's!!! He asks if we just came from the Hotel, which was pretty obvious that we had, then he asks how much I had to drink. I told him 3 beers between the hours of 9:30 - 12. He asks if I'd be willing to submit to an on the spot breathalyzer. I do, I pass, he hands me my papers back, wishes us a safe drive home and lets us get on our way as he gets back in his car, turns around and drives back to the same lot to wait the next car he sees pulling out of the Hotel parking lot..

Needless to say, We Will NOT be going back to this place EVER!!!