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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

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Rock Bottom
171 East Bridge Street
Homestead, PA 15120
P: 412-462-2739

Brewpub Rock Restaurant Family

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Review Unreviewed

Review Unreviewed

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User Reviews Average User Rating: 6.5

User Reviews Average User Rating: 6.5

By: Cahmcgrath - Sep 22 2012 @ 01:12 PM

User's Rating: 8

Everytime we visit Pittsburgh we stop at this brewery to try the sampler of beers. They have a nice selection of flavors that compliment our favorite appettizer of chicken nachos and Chili. We have ordered the steaks, burgers, salads and pasta dishes as the main course complimenting our beer selection of the night. We enjoy sitting at the bar top tables watching the Penguins, Pirates or Steelers routing for our favorite teams. I highly recommend this friendly bar restaurant if you want good food, beer and service.

By: SpicyPisces - May 15 2010 @ 08:56 PM

User's Rating: 5

Went on a Friday night, but surprisingly it wasn't too be crowded. Therefore me and my party wasn't expecting slow service, but that's exactly what we recieved. That and watered down drinks. They had way too much ice in them. The three other people in my party ordered well done burgers but they weren't burnt to a crisp. They couldn't even finish their meals. I ordered mac and chicken. The only flavoring was in the chicken and all these was at the bottom. I may have been here before, I can't remember but follow this review. I wouldn't not go there again.

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