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All Star Sports Bar & Grill

All Star Sports Bar & Grill

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All Star Sports Bar & Grill
6302 Robinson Center Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
P: 412-787-1114

Review Unreviewed

Review Unreviewed

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User Reviews Average User Rating: 6.5

User Reviews Average User Rating: 6.5

By: Fjk737 - Feb 07 2011 @ 02:41 AM

User's Rating: 5

Okay, lets start with we tried this place 3 years ago when it first opened. The owner greeted us as we came through door and made us feel very welcome and at home. Then we sat the Bar and the bartenders quickly changed that "at home" feeling, it was almost as if we were bothering them! So we moved on, Bocktown, Downey's House and the Bronze Hood's customer service /bartenders put this place to shame! Don't get me wrong the food is good, the TV's are great, and its a great place to watch a game, but if you are looking for decent service and an ice cold beer in a chilled mug....move on because the bartenders behind the bar will not help make that happen, in fact they ignore you and treat you as if you are bothering them!

So, we gave it another shot, 3 years later after our favorite place to catch a game with great sport fans, and a outstanding staff, the Bronze Hood closed due to a fire. Once again we were greeted by the owner and his brother, and our first visit was great! Taylor, our bartender was excellent in every respect, she even took the time to chill or mugs for us since they don't pour beer in chilled glasses here. Came back a week later, and again Katie, and Samantha were fantastic, and the food was well prepared, and the owner evened welcomed us back.

We returned for the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl two weeks later and the entire group behind the Bar were back to their prior form. Once again were treated as if we were a bother to them, in fact Patty even lied to our faces when we asked if we could get a chilled mug, and made up some story about the cooler being to full.......come on, we then asked Amy less than a minute later and magically we got to chilled mugs for our beer. The bottom line here is if you are not one of Patty's or the owners wife friends (who works behind the bar) you are out of luck, sure they will wait on you when it is convenient to them, but it wont be with a smile, or even as if they care about the fact you are their customer. So if you can over look this sub-par service from the hired help (Patty), go for it, the food is on par for a sports bar, and the TV's are great, but expect poor service and tip accordingly.

By: Barflyer - Mar 20 2010 @ 07:17 PM

User's Rating: 9

All Star Sports Bar & Grill, is my favorite bar in the Pittsburgh area. The. The owners are always available if you want to talk to them. There is not a bar in the area with better TV's. All Star has all the sporting packages available. With all the TV's, there is not a bad seat in the place. The food...that speaks for itself, very reasonably priced, and it is excellent, not just your typical bar food. I was extremely impressed when I first started going there.

By: Beer Guy - Mar 02 2010 @ 04:10 PM

User's Rating: 6

Ok, about All Star... This place is definitely not a bad place to go to watch a game, there are several large projection TVS and large screens mounted everywhere. So I really don't think there is a bad seat in the house in terms of actually being able to see a major sporting event here.

They also do have a pretty good beer selection for the beer snobs out there, not going to blow your mind, but not bad.

The place is large, clean and at least during the day has more of a family restaurant type feel than bar.

The downside at least when I was there, was service was less than stellar. Now I know they were understaffed that day and crowded, and I make exceptions for this sort of thing, but repeatedly not getting what you ordered EVER and getting the WRONG things when you do get something doesn't impress me. I give concessions for taking longer to get what you order when you are busy and understaffed, but not for completely blowing the orders or delivering them at all.

Some of the wait staff were abrasive, and others were excellent. If I had to recommend anything to this bar's owners it would be better service. I will go back again during another sporting event sometime and see if I have a better review, but for now, I have a hard time giving this place more than a 6.

The place is a nice place, but you are in a service business, and we dropped some serious bucks while we were there, we weren't the guys sitting in the corner ordering 1 dozen wings to share and water for the time we were there. This place probably could top out at a 8-9 range if they took care of the service issues.

By: This_is_ed - Sep 17 2008 @ 10:23 PM

User's Rating: 6

All Star had a bit of an unusual vibe....

The place was brand spanking new with the walls covered in new flat screens showing every game on the NFL Season Pass when I was there last Sunday.

It has a sit down dining area with a small tv at each table as well.

Tons of memorabilia all over the walls and a bar featuring quite a few unique microbrews on tap.

The look and presentation was great.

However, the odd part was that it was very quiet. The bartenders and waitresess were courteous but not very engaging.

The food was decent, but nothing exceptional.

I'll likely go back. I think the place has potential but it needs a little more pizzaz to compete with the great environments provided by Quaker Steak and BWW that are both just a couple minutes away.

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