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photos map Darts Pool table Smoking Rated 6
801 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
P: 412-481-9140

Six-Pack Local Hangout Rock College

Games: Pool - 1 Table, Foozball, Darts, Video Poker
Music: Metal, Industrial, Rock, 90s, 80s
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2 Tornado Foosball Coin-op tables, both on FREE PLAYE-mail Matt at to find out when the next event is!Pickup Games - $5 DYP Tourney - $10 A/B DYP TourneyEvents and ...

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Bar Hours

Sun. - Sat.12:00pmtil2:00am
Dance floor
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Dining Size
Bottled Beers
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Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft $2.25 N/A
Draft Beer Bottles $2.00 N/A
Draft Beer Pitchers N/A N/A
Beer Notes:  Prices based on 12oz. sizes.
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Review Staff Review: 5

Review Staff Review: 5

By: Nathaniel Beall

It's not so hard to describe Brewski's bar - it's run down, dirty, and cheap. But hey, 1 out of three isn't bad when the rest of the bar is actually kinda fun. The crowd here ranges from college kid to biker, with a lot of in-betweens. One of the fun things to do while at Brewski's is to whip out a magic marker and write on the walls. It looks like people have been doing it for decades but you can still find some blank spaces to squeeze in your very own doodle. The drink prices are amazingly low and I found the bartender to be extremely helpful and professional. The other thing that makes this place stand out is that it's one of the best places in town for 6-packs. If you are looking for something a little bit more wild then your usual night out on the town, then Brewski's is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Monday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.50. Big Bud Drafts.

Tuesday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.25 Miller Light Bottles.

Wednesday Specials & Events No Cover

Miller Lite Special (9 - 11 Pm)Miller Lite Bottles $1.5023 Oz Miller Lite Draft $2.00

Thursday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.50 Miller Light 23oz Drafts.

Friday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.50 I.c. Light Bottles.

User Reviews Average User Rating: 8.2

User Reviews Average User Rating: 8.2

By: BarSmartGirlNicole - Mar 04 2015 @ 11:51 AM

User's Rating: 7

I may rate Brewskis a 7 for it's "hole in the wall" grunge feel, but I truly love it. It loses a point from me because they allow smoking.
I've been going to Brewskis for years. I love it because it's not over crowded or over priced and it has pool tables and a jukebox. It's laid back, not the average "half naked girls walking around south side bar hopping" feel. It is an actual bar atmosphere. You can go play some pool, watch the game, drink some cold beer, laugh, be loud and have a good time with friends. When friends come in from out of town, I always take them to Brewskis first and I've never had any complaints.
Oh, and remember to bring a marker!!!

By: L.o.l.a. - Sep 20 2012 @ 05:25 PM

User's Rating: 5

Definitely a yinzer dive - cheap drinks, no frills - gotta love it. Far cry from the other end of the south side, but worth checking out!

By: TheRealDeal - Dec 27 2011 @ 04:36 PM

User's Rating: 9

Now this is what dive bars are all about. Its dirty, cheap, fun, and the drinks are good. If you make it in the door which wouldn't catch your eye when passing on Carson street you will find a fun crowd of all age groups who will accomodate you if you are looking for a fight or not. The bathrooms are so rough looking it's almost like some strange modern art. I went in for a little r & r and that's exactly what I got. The pool tables were free that night and the beer selection was good, cold, and cheap. After a long day of work and not being dressed for a shiny place, I loved it as usual. I'll always go back and tell everyone to do the same.

By: Clue - Jan 30 2010 @ 07:15 PM

User's Rating: 8

Agreed, it is not the cleanest place but its not really dirty. The bathroom is clean, which is more than i can say for some other places in south side. I love Brewski's and have been going there for about 10 years. They got a NEW electric hand dryer in the ladies room (not sure about the men's room), so no more dirty hand dryer. Drinks are cheap and strong. Never had a problem there, know most of the regulars. I'd take anyone here.

By: Kiss42 - Apr 09 2009 @ 10:04 PM

User's Rating: 9

Alright, some of you have been saying that you wouldn't bring a girl here. What kind of stuck up broads have you been dating??? This is one of my favorite 1st date bars. If she can't handle hang out at a chill dive bar with me, she's not worth it.

Brewski's is a perfect place if all you doing is talking and drinking. The staff is a lot of fun the drinks are cheap and everyone there is friendly no matter if you're in a business suit or chains & leather.

By: Smilinlenny - Jul 24 2007 @ 04:25 PM

User's Rating: 10

I always have a good time at this bar. Best foosball players I've seen in town anywhere. Plus cheap beer cheap pool and great bartenders that are always on the ball!

By: RecursiveRich - Dec 06 2006 @ 10:46 AM

User's Rating: 10

Loud jukebox with good music, darts, 2 pool tables, foosball, no cover, $1.25 bottles of molsen all the time. I give it a 10.

By: Schaeffer - Nov 21 2006 @ 11:01 PM

User's Rating: 8

Stopped in here last weekend and after being in crowded clubs all night Brewski's was the perfect place to go to relax. Total dive bar which means cheap drinks which at 1am on a Saturday is all that matters. The juke box has good music and its not too loud so you can have a conversation and talk to all the people that you've met throughout the night.

By: Spobag - Mar 24 2006 @ 04:12 PM

User's Rating: 7

Fantastic place to start the night, but for some people watching entertainment, grab a stool early and watch the variety of folks come through. It's like Pittsburgh's version of a Central Park bench.

By: DennisB - Nov 06 2003 @ 02:54 PM

User's Rating: 8
Brewski's is the ultimate dive bar. Its a great place to stop by after work. Plenty of parking. Cheap beers cheap pool. Great Jukebox!

By: Jzunic - Mar 21 2001 @ 06:17 PM

User's Rating: 10
The BEST Bar in Pittsburgh! Cheap drinks and good people is what Brewskis is all about. They are remodeling this bar to make it better for their customers. i can't say enough great stuff about this place. The BEST Flaming Dr. Peppers and Red Headed Sluts anywhere! A must go place if you ever are in Da Burgh's South Side!

By: Seejay7 - Feb 19 2001 @ 02:46 PM

User's Rating: 9
The best bar in Pittsburgh. This is the dirtiest, cheapest, worst parking, and all I can say is that the bathroom is the nicest place in the bar. Why do I find myself here every friday night? Because it has the best atmosphere ever. Everyone is there for one thing. To Drink, and usually drink alot. Kind of reminds me of a big frat party. Hard to believe there are as many gorgeous girls as there are. If you have never been there you have to go. I'm sure everyone that has will agree with me. I would give this place a ten except for the parking, which is every bar on the southside.

By: Smosh - Jan 23 2001 @ 02:09 PM

User's Rating: 9
This place is the best. let me tell you all why. On Friday nights, let's say around 7-10. There are tons of single women. This is where college female singles go before the clubs. Plus, it is cheap as hell here and it's a good time to hang out with friends. Go now !!!

By: Bigweb63 - Oct 11 2000 @ 01:01 PM

User's Rating: 8
I have to agree, the best place to start your night off. I wouldn't bring a lady here either, unless you want her to get hit on all damn night. Who am I kinding...I would be one of those guys, cause I don't have a lady. LOL. Anyway, this is my favorite bar in the southside so I rated it that way!

By: Tical - Aug 02 2000 @ 04:08 PM

User's Rating: 6
Cheap liters of domestic beer. Would not take a girl here ever. Fuseball table is nice along with the pool tables and dart board. A good pre-game bar or a place to get your drink on when your girlfreind dumps you.
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