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Pipers Pub

Pipers Pub

photos map web page Smoke-Free Rated 8
Pipers Pub
1828 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
P: 412-381-3977

Scottish Irish Upscale Restaurant Local Hangout Family Beer Bar

Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diner's , No ATM
Music: Folk, Dance, Country, Alternative, 90s, Pop, 80s, 70s

Bar Hours

Sun. - Sat.11:00amtil2:00am

Kitchen Hours

Sun. - Sat.11:00amtil11:00pm
Dance floor
Look & Feel
Bar Size
Dance Floor Size
Dining Size
Bottled Beers
Draft Beers
Mixed Drinks
Frozen Drinks

Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft $4.50 $3.75
Draft Beer Bottles $3.00 $4.00
Draft Beer Pitchers N/A N/A
Beer Notes:  All drafts come in 20 ounce glasses, they have many imports on tap, including, Belgian beers.
Frozen Soda Mixed Shot




Mixed Drinks




Drink Notes:  Over thirty varities of single malt scotch, many of which are aged over 10 years.

Review Staff Review: 10

Review Staff Review: 10

By: Christopher Smith

Having one of the best beer selections in Pittsburgh, Piper's Pub, is one of the few 'must-see' bars on the South Side. With a selection of over 25 draft beers, 50 bottled imports, and a massive selection of single malt scotch, Piper's is hard to beat when it comes to drink variety. The food here is excellent, and this reviewer highly recommends that you try an order of the scotch eggs. A perfect blend of restaurant and bar, Piper's is a great place to stop anytime during the day or night. If you like the selection at 'Fat Heads', but want a better atmosphere, this is the place to go.

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Sunday Specials & Events No Cover

1.00 Off Of All Drafts, Kitchen Open Until 10:00 Pm

Sunday Brunch

Monday Specials & Events No Cover

3.00 Guiness Drafts.

Tuesday Specials & Events No Cover

3.00 Guiness Drafts.

Wednesday Specials & Events No Cover

3.00 Guiness Drafts.

Thursday Specials & Events No Cover

Kitchen Open Until 11:00 Pm

Friday Specials & Events No Cover

Kitchen Open Until 11:00 Pm

Saturday Specials & Events No Cover

Kitchen Open Until 11:00 Pm

User Reviews Average User Rating: 8.8

User Reviews Average User Rating: 8.8

By: JDP7 - Feb 02 2013 @ 03:41 PM

User's Rating: 9

Went to Piper's on a Sunday morning to watch the soccer match and had a great time. Sat at the bar, had a delicious boxty and then a glass of scotch. Very laid back atmosphere, friendly service, and cozy environment. Looking forward to my next visit.

By: Nnorkin - Feb 01 2013 @ 01:08 PM

User's Rating: 10

Great place to watch soccer in Pittsburgh! Many different types of microbrews on tap and delicious Irish/English food. I will be stopping by again soon. Thank you

By: Nun2shabby - Aug 10 2011 @ 09:30 AM

User's Rating: 9

My god, I love this place. My wife and I typically go in about once a month for Sunday brunch, more so in the winter. I'm not a big soccer ( fan, so if you go one the mornings when there is a soccer game, be prepared for a wait. And I have also never gone there on a weekend night. Dunno why, just havent. So I cannot give you details on the FriSat night times. But I CAN tell you that their beer selection is inexhaustable! They even have rotten Coors Lite if you think thats beer. And the food! Some of the best pub food I've ever had. Their boxties are mana from heaven, perfect for curing Saturday night hangovers. Bangers n mash..let me count the ways I love you! I've always seen it as more restaurant than bar, because thats usually why I go. If you're looking for somewhere to go get blottoed on the Sahside, read a different review because I cant help you. Just know that the place is immaculate, top notch food, and colossial beer selection. Pipers will always be my favorite Sunday hangover cure.

By: Shanrekel - Mar 30 2010 @ 10:29 PM

User's Rating: 8

Beginning to frequent Piper's Pub a lot more frequently lately, had some great food there and have come back occassionaly since then. A nice variety of draft beers, particularly North Country Brewery beer, which is always delicious. Have been there a few times and always have a nice time. Friendly and attentive staff. Open early for all you futbol fans and serves brunch on the weekend. A little more chill than some other place down in the Southside, good place to get your evening started.

By: BigAsYou - Feb 02 2010 @ 11:13 AM

User's Rating: 9

This was my second visit to Pipers Pub. The first time was on a Sunday morning and we went there for a late breakfast where we sat in the "restaurant" area. My second visit was by myself on a Tuesday evening for dinner. This time I sat at the bar.

Walking in and taking a stool at the bar I noticed that the bartender seemed to be preoccupied with a waitress and virtually ignored me. I sat there patiently waiting while I perused the bar area probably for about 5 minutes. They have two large LCD televisions at either end of the bar playing sports channels. I kept myself occupied by reviewing the huge selection of beer taps that line the bar and checking out the other parts of Pipers Pub.

Finally getting the bartender's attention he offered me a menu and took my drink order. I quickly knew what I wanted but the bartender failed to return for another 8 to 10 minutes to take my order.

I have to note that there were only 3 people plus myself at the bar this night. The restaurant area had about 14 to 16 people in it. So it wasn't as if they were overwhelmed. I simply made a mental note and reminded myself that there was no hurry as I had plenty of time to meet my friends.

The fish and chips arrived. This was perhaps the largest platter of fish and chips I've received here in Pittsburgh. It was so huge I think it had its own zip code and national anthem dedicated to it. Taste? Good, but not the best I've had here in the Burgh. However, on the plus side I would state that this dish could've been ordered for two people and shared with no issues.

I failed to conquer the "nation sized" portion of fish and chips on my platter and thus surrendered my knife and fork to the bartender after making a heroic attempt. But seriously, the two pieces of fish were much larger than I could eat. Probably several pounds of fresh fried fish along with a heaping side of fresh cut French fries. The bill for my evening was a bit over $11. Not too bad I think.

Even though I had to wait on the bartender "visiting" with the waitress and "chatting up" the ladies sitting next to me; I would return. As the food here is really good. Last time at Pipers Pub I had the Shepards Pie. It was extremely hot direct from the oven and was like molten lava on my plate...but very delicious and a huge portion!

Don't miss out on their gigantic selections of beer and their incredible food at Pipers Pub. Overall I would give them a 9 even though the bartender wasn't as attentive as he could have been. I won't hold Pipers Pub totally accountable for just one employee that seemed to have other thoughts on his mind during such a cold night. Being a non-smoking bar is another added bonus in my book.


Gigantic beer selection
Great food with huge portions


Pokey bartender

By: Srabonita - Dec 23 2009 @ 09:41 AM

User's Rating: 9

Piper's may easily have the best bartenders in Pittsburgh. They always have me trying new beers and recommend different shots, although you can't beat their car bombs. Food, amazing. Best salmon I've found in a bar/restaurant.

By: Money - Apr 06 2009 @ 11:40 AM

User's Rating: 9

Love the no smoking. I had a blast. Great bartenders. Very friendly.

By: Khizer - Oct 10 2008 @ 01:17 PM

User's Rating: 9

Best Irish/Scottish pub in the city! The food is hearty, as well as the beers! Great place for Sunday brunch and a pint!

By: Acerun1 - Aug 28 2008 @ 11:31 PM

User's Rating: 9

Sadly, I haven't been to Piper's since the remodel. I'll have to put on me kilt and go throw back a pint or few! I LOVE the shepherd's pie!! I've never had problems with the service. There are times when it's overly congested, but if that's the only complaint that I can muster, that means it's a fine establishment!!

By: Im_drunk_again2 - Dec 20 2007 @ 03:26 PM

User's Rating: 9

Piper's Pub in my opinion is one of Pittsburgh's finest. There is absolutely nothing better than sitting down to a few pints in their beautiful establishment and soaking up the atmosphere while watching a European football match; top it off with their incredible Guinness stew, and you have an afternoon well spent. The wait staff is always prompt and friendly, the food is always excellent, and the drinks are always well poured. And, as an added bonus, unlike the majority of South Side bars, you will rarely find an obnoxious, drunken, yinzer sitting next to you at the bar. :D Any trip to Piper's Pub is simply an all around wonderful experience.

By: Rhino - Dec 13 2007 @ 02:33 PM

User's Rating: 10

Great place, period.
The food was great, the atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is outstanding.
A tremendous selection of beer and scotch, combined with the live rugby matches made this place an oasis to this traveler.
If you travel to Pittsburgh and don't check out Piper's, you're probably checking out the wrong website for reviews - you'd be wanting the "Teasmart" website down the net.

By: PixieDust - Aug 13 2007 @ 05:07 PM

User's Rating: 4

I don't like Smug with my beer, and that's what I got here! I asked for Smithwicks and they were out, no big deal. Being my first time there, I was looking at the taps. The bartender, rolling his eyes and not saying a word, throws the little plastic draught menu at me; he didn't slide it on the bar; he didn't toss it to me, it was thrown. My boyfriend and I just kind of looked at one another. We ordered a beer and sat down at the bar where we continued to be ignored, there were only three others at the bar so it was an effort to ignore us. He didn't even look at us when he did ask if we wanted anything else. We were going to order food but decided against it and went across the street to Casey's were the service was much better. It's a shame because I really like the beer selection and heard good things about the food, however, I just didn't feel welcome - Unusual for an Irish Pub!

Sorry, Pipers, I really wanted to like you!

By: Digiburd - Apr 01 2007 @ 03:37 PM

User's Rating: 10

Pipers went smoke free when they re-opened the other day. Everyone hoist a pint and celebrate!!!!

One of the best bars in Pittsburgh has done one of the best things they can do for their workers and patrons!

We've always loved Pipers, but would find it hard to stay there for an extended time because of the cancer floating in the air. No more!

I asked the bartender and he confirmed what we noticed after only a couple of minutes. With a big smile he said, "yes we are smoke free now, thank god, finally"

A great example of how an upper class pub just turned it up a notch. And guess what all of you who think the pubs will suffer financially. IT WAS PACKED, and it was early.. 6pm or so... and not one person was bitching about the new smoking policy.

Thanks Pipers, hopefully others will follow your lead.

By: BobNOakland - Mar 20 2007 @ 05:18 PM

User's Rating: 8

the best UK beer selction in the city bar none!
they also have great UK soccer games on there if you like that stuff. the staff is pretty cool except for some white dude with these ridiculous cornrows in his hair. he threatened a buddy of mine one time and did a bunch of shots behind the bar. not cool...

of yeah.. their food is really good too!!!

By: GirlWeaponX - Oct 09 2006 @ 01:25 PM

User's Rating: 8

Brunch Tour.
Volume Two.

I had brunch at Piper's Pub this Sunday – October 8.

I arrived with a friend and sat at a hi-top in the bar area. We were greeted immediately, given menus and asked for our drink orders. Unfortunately, the young woman who took our drink order never came back with those drinks... In the mean time, her manager had asked if we'd had our order taken so we didn't reorder our drinks for fifteen minutes thinking we'd receive our original order. Once I had my Bailey's and coffee, it was hot, fresh and strong. Considering how busy they were, I can understand a little bit of confusion...

I ordered the Belgian French Toast... I'm a huge fan of Lindeman's Framboise, so there was no way I could pass up breakfast with it in the batter! And it was delicious! Though I'm fifty percent Irish, I've never been a he fan of the traditional Irish breakfasts – especially considering I don't eat eggs and I don't like boxty – so this was a nice option for someone like me. The traditional style of their brunch could prove a turn-off for picky eaters or those who don't really care for trying new things, but with as many people as were there this past Sunday, I don't think they're worried about it.

Nothing about the decor especially caught my eye, but the bar was very clean – including the restrooms.

The bartender was polite to us and religious about keeping our coffees full... I think I ended up drinking about five cups because my mug kept magically becoming full again!

Over all, it was a very nice spot for Sunday brunch.

By: Yoodle - Oct 02 2006 @ 04:54 PM

User's Rating: 10

Piper's Pub has always been one of my favorite places on the South Side. It's not overly crowded, the people are all very friendly, and they have an amazing array of beers on tap. Including my favorite beer of all time, Belhaven! It's the only place I know of in Pittsburgh that always has it on tap. And trust me, you have to try it on tap!

I've now eaten at Piper's twice, and the food was awesome both times. The Shepherd's Pie and Guiness Stew are probably the best I've ever had, except for (maybe) the Pour House's. And the portions... heck, I rarely get doggie bags, but both nights I've eaten there I've had to take some home. Last but not least, the service was great too.

I was going to give Piper's a 9, but I honestly couldn't think of anything really bad about the place, so I had to give it a 10!

P.S. - Ok, one small complaint... the men's bathroom is kinda small. You risk getting smacked with the door if you want to wash your hands. But, that was easily overcome... I just planted my foot against the door while I was washing :)

By: Hamish - Feb 15 2004 @ 07:17 PM

User's Rating: 10
Piper's Pub is most definitly at the top of my list if not #1. A very Irish/Scottish atmosphere with an incredible food and drink selection. As a Scotsman I must extend my great appreciation to such a fine establishment which caters to my heritage. Possibly the BEST scotch selection in the North Eastern United States! Incredible draft and bottled beer selection and once again a scoth drinker's dream come true. Enjoy the celtic food selection in the dining area and try the Guiness Stew (a must). Try to catch John McCann's band as they play the venue frequently and put on one heck of a show to raise a glass and sing along to. Saint Patrick's Day is a frenzy at Piper's Pub and a must in your bar hopping on this fine holiday. A bit expensive but well worth it, trust me. Look me up as I am a regular at this Southside pub.

By: AmericanMagpie - Nov 03 2003 @ 11:58 PM

User's Rating: 10
Best PUB in the 'Burgh to watch English Football on the weekends. Good beer selection and the atmosphere is unbelieveable on matchdays. Try the shepherds pie, it's excellent. Oh yeah and STAND UP IF YA HATE MAN YOO! HOWAY THE LADS. NUFC FOR LIFE!

By: Tom Ganley - Jan 18 2002 @ 12:18 PM

User's Rating: 9
I have been stopping by Pipers Pub in the Southside ever since it has opened and the Chop House Closed. It is the best place on the Southside to go and see the live Irish, Scottish and Celtic bands in the area play usually on Friday and Saturday nights around 9pm. The bartenders are well educated in beer and scotch. The friendly group of Chad, Josh, Courtney, Brooke, and Kim will keep your pints filled and your stomach filled with the good foos they offer at Pipers. The owners Mike and Drew Topping run a very friendly bar/restaurant. Whenever anyone "still" asks me where to go and raise a good pint of Guiness, I recommend Pipers. The bathrooms are clean and smell nice. There are no pool tables or dart boards, but they do have the trivia machines at each end of the bar to play with until your next drink or the band starts to play. I recommend giving this pub a 9, since they still are young and can get better with age like wine. Right Drew!

By: Angel - Jan 04 2002 @ 07:17 PM

User's Rating: 7
Pipers Pub is one of the few Irish Bars in Pittsburgh. They have live music on many weekends and while the band may not all be Irish, the music is entertaining and the bands are nice. They have a good selection of Imported Beers on tap, over all this is a good place to go and relax some weekend.
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