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Diesel Club Lounge and Skybar

Diesel Club Lounge and Skybar

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Diesel Club Lounge and Skybar
1601 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
P: 412-431-8800
Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover , ATM Nearby
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Diesel Club Lounge has raised the bar for nightlife in Pittsburgh. Borrowing concepts and designs from Miami, New York, Atlanta, and L.A., diesel captures guests with its state of the art ...

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Bar Hours

Sun. - Thu.CLOSED
Fri. - Sat.9:00pmtil2:00am

Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft N/A N/A
Draft Beer Bottles $4.00 $5.00
Draft Beer Pitchers N/A N/A
Frozen Soda Mixed Shot




Mixed Drinks




Review Staff Review: 10

Review Staff Review: 10

By: Nathaniel Beall

Diesel has been open for a few months now and it looks like they plan to be around for a long time to come. Their sound system has been improved, the bottle service picked up and it's still a very hot nightspot for Pittsburghers and tourists alike.

The interior has an industrial feel to it that somehow manages to blend in well with the comfortable seating available in the private areas upstairs. The original staff was good for a new bar and in my eyes they have become a very professional staff in just a short time. My hats off to the hiring and training staff at Diesel because not once have I been let down by anyone working for the place.

The drinks range from beer (mostly domestic) to higher end alcohols and prices are actually cheaper than one would expect from a higher end club. Combine these prices with some of their event nights and Diesel is often one of the cheapest places drink in Pittsburgh.

I also can't help but mention how clean the place is. All too often you see a new club open up and skip out on stocking the cleaning closet. Diesel has maintained the look and feel of a new bar even after almost 1/2 a year of use in a very busy bar environment.

If you are looking to dance, entertain out-of-towners or just enjoy a quick beer Diesel should be on your list.

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Sunday Specials & Events No Cover

$3 U-call Its From 10p-12a$2 Domestice All Day$100 Bottles Before Midnight

Monday Specials & Events No Cover

Closed Unless Otherwise Noted, In Which Case Cover, Time, And Event/band Will Vary.

Tuesday Specials & Events No Cover

Closed Unless Otherwise Noted, In Which Case Cover, Time, And Event/band Will Vary.

Wednesday Specials & Events No Cover

Diesel 101 Is The Night For College Students. Come Dance And Party With Dj Showtime And B94's Dj Cobe. Enter To Win Free Lunch Money While Enjoying Our Grade A Drink Specials! $1.50 Coors Lights And $2.50 Bacardi Drinks

Thursday Specials & Events No Cover

Closed Unless Otherwise Noted, In Which Case Cover, Time, And Event/band Will Vary.

Friday Specials & Events $5.00 Cover

Happy Hour - 1/2 Off Drinks

1/2 Off Beer, Cocktails And Wine 10p-12a

Saturday Specials & Events $5.00 Cover

Happy Hour - 1/2 Off Drinks

$1.50 Domestics 10p-12a$3.50 Top Shelf Cocktails 10p-12a

User Reviews Average User Rating: 7.4

User Reviews Average User Rating: 7.4

By: Gretalian420 - Sep 14 2012 @ 01:07 PM

User's Rating: 8

You definitely have to be in a clubbing kinda mood to go to diesel. Its really nice inside, but I only go on nights if they're advertising a big special or a friend has a vip table. one of the few places in south side that has a cover if you're not vip that night. We went to college thursdays every week at the end of last school year and it was awesome!! free drink tickets, good music, dancing, and great duquesne crowd.

By: Minx - May 16 2011 @ 08:24 AM

User's Rating: 7

I'm back B*$ches! You've been a little boring lately Pittsburgh...but then again so have I.

Called out of hiding for a special occasion I hit the streets of the South Side for a little fun and stepped into the newest incarnation of Diesel. Diesel is the South Side's version of the club goers Mecca and, at least at first glance, it seems to be worth the title. Continually and successfully reinventing itself in an industry where the life span is about as brief as an 80 year old's sex life pre-Viagra, Diesel has managed to hang on for dear life – 4 years and seemingly going strong.

Some of this success is due to its choice location midway down the main drag of East Carson in an area that has a wide variety of bars and restaurants providing everyone in your party the opportunity to be fully satisfied. But a large part of Diesel's success is their continued commitment to offer their patrons big city nightclub technology in a city where industry competitors aren't particularly interested in raising the bar. I suppose that makes it all the more difficult for me to deliver the bad news...Diesel's beauty seemingly only runs skin least for now.

The Space

There are two separate entrances to the venue, one on each side of the "box office" – the one on the left is for "VIP" (I hate that term and therefore I will be referring to it as bottle service because that's precisely what it is) and the one on the right is general admission. Once you walk through either set of double doors you find yourself in front of a black wall in a narrow "hallway" that partitions the entrance from the main portion of the venue. There is a doorway to your left that will put you at the front of the house at the foot of the stage area and to your right the hallway gives way, revealing a bar against the far right wall.

The wall at the front of the house is covered in lighted LED panels separated with horizontal strips of black wall. I have been there on evenings in which the DJ is located on the stage, but I'm not certain whether this is a constant or whether they still primarily use the skybox for both lighting and sound. On the wall opposite the stage there is a long bar that services the entire downstairs area with lighted cubes serving as storage for top shelf liquors.

The bar is made of small six-sided metallic tile and topped with a black granite type of material. In between these two areas is a dance floor with an impressive LED light display flying high overhead, a cryo machine (for some reason I want to say they now have 3 or 4 – but they don't use them too often) to cool you down, and a wood (or perhaps engineered wood) beneath your feet providing a smooth surface for you to heat things up. The remaining flooring throughout the venue is either rectangular or square silver washed black tile but don't worry ladies, there aren't any seams your heels could get caught in or that could (heaven for bid) throw those cute platform heels off kilter.

Two support pillars encased in a bead chain curtain help define a walkway on the edge of the dance floor; these pillars have remained the same since the venue opened. To the left of the downstairs bar is the first of three bottle service areas located on the main floor. It is the only bottle service area on the main floor cordoned off from the general population and it is tucked in the corner at the far end of the downstairs bar. The two remaining downstairs bottle service areas are located on either side of the dance floor on elevated platforms. If your primary purpose is to dance these tables might be your best option but they will also put you right in the thick of the chaos.

The bathrooms are located in a hallway on the opposite side of the venue from the entrance on the main floor. These are the only set of bathrooms for the entire venue and they definitely show it. The women's room is located down the hallway and has 5 stalls with three bright pink sinks. The evening I was there one of the toilets wasn't flushing, there was toilet paper and used paper towels everywhere and there was nowhere to dry your hands.

The line for the women's room also backs up in the hallway creating a problem for staff trying to get into the bowels of the venue for supplies. The men's room is at the end of the hallway closest to the bar and the door is most often propped open so that patrons on the main floor standing between the bar and the dance floor have a direct view to the sinks. I realize the door creates a traffic problem but this screams tacky and you had better be prepared to have your business seen.

There are three separate stairways leading upstairs all of which are illuminated by white recessed lighting. There are two at the front of the house, one on either side of the stage, and one in the rear to the left of the bar. If you proceed up the rear staircase you will see a long bar to your right which serves as the primary bar for patrons on the upper floor. This bar is made of the same six-sided metallic tile as the one downstairs and topped with the same granite-like bar top. The upstairs set up in a U shape with sunken bottle service areas overlooking the dance floor below with LED light boxes creating cubic archways and framing out these areas. There is one small sunken bottle service area on either side of the skybox that both overlook the dance floor as well. There is a small walkway behind these areas and the skybox with the sectioned off "White Room" hidden behind a frosted glass partition and a bevy of LED light box framework that both helps illuminate and block off the area from the general areas of the club. This White Room consists of three separate bottle service areas with low square white gloss framed tables inset with glass flanked by white vinyl tufted benches.

Below each of these tables in a square section of floor is a box of lit rocks; for those of you who had been to Diesel before its latest reinvention, these boxes used to be windows to the bar below. The least attractive piece of bottle service real estate is the benches located against the wall that runs along East Carson. You can't see the dance floor and you aren't partitioned off in any way from the general crowd and, though at one point you couldn't gain access to this area without proof of being with a bottle service party, it doesn't seem there is anything to stop the general population from wandering back that way now. Unless you happen to be located in the White Room, the bottle service furniture is black vinyl low back bench seating with black gloss framed square tables inset with glass.

There are a total of approximately 19 to 21 bottle service areas, 6 on the main floor and the remainder upstairs. I have also noticed that for the most part bottle service areas are not well restricted from the general population. I can recall occasions when I've had individuals not part of my group enter out bottle service area and attempt to drink from our purchased liquor as well as generally harass us. There are a select few bottle service areas that are well cordoned off but those sections are removed from the dance floor and a bit isolated.

The Crowd

The crowd does seem to skew to the younger side, but given its location in the middle of the bar bastion that is Carson Street and in light of the demographic that flocks to that particular area its not surprising. Few older people want to battle the poor parking and chaotic crowds of East Carson on a weekend – that's just a reality not a judgment on the quality of the establishment itself. People didn't seem particularly confrontational however you could definitely tell that some of the patrons had been over-served. There was a moderate amount of crowd control though as the evening progressed my ability to move about the club was significantly diminished.

The crowd's overall appearance was standard for Pittsburgh with most girls in short skirts and dresses, the occasional jean and heels thrown into the mix with the guys in everything from a t-shirt and jeans to the occasional suit. I'd love Pittsburgh to be a bit more polished - and some of Diesel's crowd is – but for the most part it's the basic Pittsburgh crowd. They've started at bars and moved over to Diesel for some dancing or to hunt prey because we all know that at some point in a girl's evening out she's going to want to dance. Unlike women, most men don't put a whole lot of effort into their outfits and they never plan ahead. If they start at a bar they are going to dress for the bar regardless of where the night might take them.

The Staff

The bar staff is relatively prompt and seems to notice when you are out of a drink but they don't necessarily remember that you started a tab with them or what name it would be under. This isn't particularly unusual given the volume they deal with but most bartenders have a system for remembering their customers. They also lack a certain level of personality; I like playfulness in my bar staff and I want my bar staff to give me a reason to keep coming back. There are bartenders I've known for years and I'll gladly follow them to any establishment - even one that I detest - just so I can see them. But bartenders with personality are difficult to find and I'd prefer a staff that's prompt than a bar staff that fancies itself "fun" but in reality are just about having fun themselves.

The bottle service hosts are a completely different subject. They seem to stay on top of their tables, are quite friendly and personable, and attempt to anticipate the customers' needs. They will notice when your mixers are running low and get guests of the table drinks from the bar if they'd like something other than what was purchased by the bottle.

The security staff on the other hand seems to take a hands off approach, observing what's going on but never really interfering. I'd venture they would get involved and be able to quickly handle any physical altercations that might occur so long as they were able to reach the particular area where that dispute was taking place but they do not seem proactive. Even if they do notice an issue developing they don't seem to step in unless it escalates to the point of a physical issue or involves an individual that is severely impaired. And I often see them standing in one place instead of circulating within what I assume to be their assigned areas.

All staff wears predominately black apparel, it really only proves a problem for the bottle hosts whose black v-neck dresses often make them appear such like some of the female patrons. Overall the basic black, though trite, creates a nice uniformity and look of professionalism.

The Drinks

I found my drinks to be a bit on the weak side; their strength might have improved if I was tipping per drink (I ran a tab and therefore tipped at the end) but I'm familiar with the staff – there's been minimal turnover over the years – and I've not experienced a difference in the strength of the pour when heavy tips are thrown in. The selection of liquor is good, with quite a few flavors of Three Olives as well as my beloved Ciroc and a seemingly decent array of other liquor varieties. I'm not certain of the beer selection but I believe it is comparable to what you'd find in most other clubs in the area.

All drinks are served in acrylic glassware that, despite being plastic and infinitely lighter than you were expecting, still give the appearance of being real glassware. We all know my pet peeve about plastic cups in a venue but I don't mind the acrylic glassware. I get it. Glass breaks and though it looks a whole lot nicer it's also a whole lot more overhead and hassle. Ideally when I pay 7 or 8 bucks for a drink I want a real glass; I want to feel the ice chill the glass and enjoy the feel of that cold, hard glass against my lips. None of that happens with acrylic. Still, acrylic is substantial enough that if you tighten your grip you won't lose half your drink when the cup collapses...and it doesn't remind me of a Penn State frat party. Key when the crowd around you is young enough that you nearly could BE in a Penn State frat.

Music and Lighting

One of my biggest pet peeves is a DJ that thinks he's a rock star. Its one thing if you are a world famous DJ that people travel to see but if you are a normal club DJ no one will leave an establishment and rave about how they were lucky enough to see DJ So-and-so. I don't mean to diminish any particular DJ in this city or fail to acknowledge that some DJs in the city really do have people that will follow them from venue to venue. But for the most part, the patrons want to hear the music, not your name or how awesome you are. If they really think you are awesome they are going to find out who you are. I do not want to hear Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce with "DJ CK" dubbed over it because sad as it is to say, I don't really want to be aware of the man in the sky controlling my good time – I just want to have a good time and get lost in the moment. That being said, the music playing was a nice mix of current hits and past favorites both original and remix versions with smooth transitions all nicely paced. It was standard club fare with hip pop (not to be confused with its more hardcore cousin hip hop) and pop but it was handled well and seemed to keep the crowd moving.

The most striking elements of the lighting system at Diesel are the Phillips Color Kinetics ICove custom built light wall and the overhead LED light panels with moveable central dynamic light dome mounted on a circular ring that can be raised and lowered. Like the system featured in Berlin's Watergate, these LEDs throw off a lot of light and can give a bit more fluidity than your standard lighting systems. The more standard lighting plays a supporting role and consists of a number of Martin pieces including atomic strobes. Also helping to illuminate the dance floor and adding to the striking visual effects are the LED light boxes that section off the bottle service areas upstairs. Diesel was smart in making all club lighting independent so that the house lights could be shut down entirely to add to the drama, elements being brought back up piece-by-piece or even strobed. However, all that light means that, though striking on first impression, you lose the value of the independent elements particularly the overhead rigs. I feel their investments could be showcased in a better way by using that flexibility more often, only bringing up all of the lighting elements sparingly. I have been to Diesel on nights where they've never bothered to drop any of the lighting and with the quantity of LED lights in the building there's a lot of bleed over between elements.

The areas of the club away from the dance floor are lit by a number of faux silver and crystal chandeliers encased in smoked Lucite lampshades or shirred black sheer fabric lampshades. These are complimented by shaded pendulum lights completely encased in circular shades with a silver metallic grid work print. There are a number of other lit elements in the venue including the word "Diesel" backlit with LEDs mounted to the glossy subway style tiled front of the skybox, and recessed squares of various sizes located on the wall between the upstairs bar and the staircase leading down to the stage which appear to be LED lit panels with a black grid work pattern over laid over top. It seems that most of the lighting in the venue can and does change colors throughout the night though I got the impression that blue was the preferred color. Perhaps its just a color I notice more than the others.

The Rating

Overall I like the venue; I like their attention to detail and their continued commitment to re-invent and improve the overall aesthetics of the club. What I have a problem with is that their attention to detail stops with the big picture. Sure, when you first walk in and look at the venue its impressive but when you stop looking at the distracting lights and colors and get a drink at the bar, try to sit down and enjoy bottle service, or attempt to duck into the ladies room to freshen up, you start to notice the glaring details they've neglected. Though the staff is relatively prompt they aren't particularly personable or proactive, the ladies room was a disaster from its location to how its maintained, and the crowd is running rough shod over the bottle service and seating privileges you just paid so much for. For all of these reasons I wavered on my rating but ultimately settled on an 7; I like the venue overall but ultimately there's a grave amount of neglect going on. As if they believe their regular reinventions should make us all look past their negligence during the rest of the year – I am not going to comply. It's obviously holding its own but that's largely because we live in a city where cabs are impossible to come by, it sits smack dab in the middle of THE nightlife neighborhood-of-the-moment, and the fact that the competition is content to dangle from the bar instead of raise it.

By: Pghrebel10 - Nov 30 2008 @ 11:11 AM

User's Rating: 9

Went to Diesel last night for a birthday get together a co worker of mine invited me to. They had a VIP area rented out in the upstairs.

After circling for quite some time we finally found a parking spot right next to Diesel on 16th Street I believe. It was pure luck we found that spot. I am told that Diesel does have valet service but it's located across the street. I did notice something across the street but there was no way you could tell it was for Diesel or else I would have thought about doing it because of the lack of parking.

At the entrance there are 2 different entrances. One for regular admission and the other for VIP admission. We got in the short line for VIP and told the guy there why we were there and they proceeded to put green bracelets on us that allowed us access to the VIP area all night. My girlfriend did had a coat to check and that was $2.

What I thought was nice was that he personally escorted us to the area in which our party was located. This was a nice touch that you don't seem to get anywhere.

The VIP area was pretty nice. I have been up there before but it has been a while. The people we were worth ordered quite a few bottles because there were a lot of people in our party. The only thing I don't like about the Diesel VIP area is that there isn't really any separation between the VIP areas upstairs behind the beads. It sort of gets to be a free for all up there when there are 2 large parties next to each other.

The service up there is exceptional. This is a good place to get VIP. The wait staff is very attentive and work quickly to get what you need whether it is more ice, beer, napkins or liquor.

Upstairs there really isn't anywhere to dance. All of that action is downstairs. Downstairs the dance floor has a decent size to it and it easily accessed from the VIP area.

Bathrooms are cramped and there is a bathroom attendant who seems to be selling everything you could ever imagine.

I can't really comment on the drink prices since we didn't pay for anything during the course of the night but in previous experiences I have been able to take advantage of drink specials while there.

The Bar Smart listing for this club has it listed as non smoking but that isn't true.

Wait staff in VIP
Comfortable VIP area
Dance floor
VIP front door staff

Valet service across street?

By: Clubfan2008 - Sep 25 2008 @ 12:18 PM

User's Rating: 9

Diesel is one of the best nightclubs (if not the best) in Pittsburgh. There are two entrances to the club: a general admission entrance and a bottle service entrance. One is located on the left (general) and the other in the right (bottle service). If you buy bottles you do not have to pay a cover, and get escorted to your table. For the general entrance you have to pay a cover, usually around 3 to 5 dollars, and the wait is actually quite short (unless if there is a major concert, then the wait can be extensive along with a larger cover). The club itself is quite stunning. It is a two story nightclub. There is a stage that is centrally located next to LCD lights along the wall. On the opposing side is the DJ booth along with the light control booth. there are two bars in the club. One bar is located across the stage and is usually run by two to three bartenders. There is bar upstairs as well, which is also accessible through general admission. Drinks are reasonably priced. Grey goose cranberry costs around $5.50, and beers can run from $3 to 6 dollars. Drinks are strong but not too strong. There selection of liquor is quite extensive from vodkas, rums, to whiskeys. There beer selection is moderate but adequate for a nightclub. The time to get a drink is about 2 to 3 minutes, and the bartenders themselves are quite friendly. The bottle service experience is also pleasant. Bottle prices can vary from 100 (for a bottle of captain) to 500 for (I think roset), I only ordered it once. However, be aware, they will charge you a 20% gratuity. Which will be added to your bill. Now in terms of service, it is wonderful, you get quick and prompt service, and the waitresses are friendly and attractive. The VIP room upstairs is as follows. There are two skyboxes that are around the DJ booth. Across from them are two private rooms, and lateral to the sky boxes are 5 couches. The skyboxes and the lateral couches face railings that over look the bottom dance floor. I think for 300 dollars (my usual average bill), the VIP room is definitely worth it. Now for my critique of this establishment. It seems as if they will let anybody off the street into the club. I can not tell you how many times I bumped into people that look like they should be off America's Most Wanted. However, they are the minority of the population. I would say the club is 80% trendy 20 year olds, 10% older professionals, 5% drug dealers, and 5% ghetto trash. Given the fact that this is Pittsburgh, I think this is as about as classy as it is going to get. Ironically, the 5% classes tend to always be in the bottle service area. It should be very interesting the interplay of Zen and Diesel. Hopefully the market can support both of these clubs. However, Diesel has set a pretty high bar for Zen to match. It is going to be interesting to see what will happen. Regardless, diesel gets a 9/10.

By: Pghkris10 - Sep 06 2008 @ 11:43 AM

User's Rating: 9

I have been to Diesel several times, including having my birthday party in their VIP area. I had amazing service, the staff, security, and Kevin, the Mgr. were amazing! My friends and I had a wonderful time. I go back every once in a while and the staff and Kevin are always wonderful to me. I love it and recommend it for your VIP party!

By: Kika - Aug 27 2008 @ 03:51 PM

User's Rating: 8

Recently my friends and I got bottle service at Diesel. Their VIP service is emmaculate. Our waitress came over introduced herself and started setting up our section as soon as we got there. She had another "barback" type helper bringing ice, our bottles, and cleaning up after every napkin we used, or ice that fell on the table throughout the night. Our waitress poured our first drinks for all of us and was consistently stopping by to check up on us.
The VIP is so well regulated and only located upstairs (except for the large section downstairs next to the stairs leading to the 2nd floor). You can always look down over the balcony or through the "skybox" glass under your table in certain sections. I absolutely love it! You don't have random people dancing by your section, sitting down in your section conveniently with an empty glass in their hand, and there is no clutter of people all around. It's just you and your friends!
The dance floor is the whole downstairs, and they have a stage area where usually girls get up and dance with their friends. The music is always good there from my experience. The service from the bartenders and staff, even though it's busy, is always on point. With again only 2 bars in the place, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs, the bartenders are good. The bathrooms are really small however it never really seems to pose a problem in Diesel.
The huge wall of lights may seem a little useless, but it just lights up the place and gives it that unique factor. Also with Diesel's laser system they can project any kind of text, pictures, or images on the big wall also. The sound system is pretty good, and the comfy big red couches and ottomans in the VIP are nice. They still provide a few free standing tables downstairs and sometimes bar chairs. In addition they built small ledges for drinks running across the walls, so when your dancing you have somewhere to place your drink.

--Lastly, my brother has lived out in Las Vegas for about 5 years now (originally from Pittsburgh obviously) and when I took him to Diesel he commented that the club was the only club he has been to so far in Pittsburgh that is reminiscient of a Las Vegas style club.

By: Pittsburghgrrl - Jan 01 2007 @ 02:31 PM

User's Rating: 1

My friends and I went to Dielsel and Kiss FM's "Bliss" party to ring in the New Year. This place was so crowded it was horrible, so like many others we left right after 12am. Actually, we wanted to leave earlier but we wanted to get are monies worth so we endured the chaos until the countdown. Many other people had the same idea I guess because it was a mad dash to leave. We never got our champane toast although we saw plenty of drunken idiots carting their complimentary bottles around. The line to the women's bathroom was a dangerous zone and girls were willing to fist fight in their party dresses and expensive shoes. The two drinks I was able to wrangle were decent and the shot girl was nice enough. Overall I feel that Diesel took on a bigger party than it could handle and really should have limited the number of people they sold tickets to. I like this club so I was really really unhappy about my New Years experience and had to apologize repeatedly to my friends for choosing it! I felt really bad for the people who were working because the customers were rude and unruly. Customers throwing glasses all over, fighting and plenty of shoving, it was a mess!

By: Schaeffer - Nov 22 2006 @ 09:02 AM

User's Rating: 4

Diesel is not so much a club as it is more like a bar in club's clothing. Most bars have a dress code but most people there definitely didn't get dressed up to go out. Ripped jeans and work boots tend to be the dress theme. The lights and atmosphere are very nice. The bartenders kept the drinks flowing so there was not a long wait to get drinks. The layout of the club also keeps it from getting overcrowded on the dance floor or anywhere else in the club.
This bar is a fine place to stop for a few drinks but beware of the DJ. Whoever spins their music has their own idea of what dance music is. For a while it was good and then they threw on a Bon Jovi cd. We all agreed it was time to leave and we found out from our braver friends who stayed that they eventually played "Movin on up"
I would go there to hang out between 9 and 10 when there is no cover to enjoy the drinks and the atmosphere. I definitely would have been upset if I had to pay a cover to hear Bon Jovi and the Jefferson's theme.

By: Schmoovy - Jul 04 2006 @ 12:52 PM

User's Rating: 8


I went back to Diesel this past saturday night to give another shot! I had a good time! I spent most of the evening upstairs in their VIP area. The staff were all very efficient. We never had to wait for ice or mixers the entire night. The owner showed up later in the night and talked to me for a minute. I think he put alot of time & money into Diesel and just wants it to succeed. All in all, my 2nd night at Diesel was much better than the 1st. DefinAtly worth checking out for yourself!

By: Hoss96 - Jun 26 2006 @ 07:30 PM

User's Rating: 5

Diesel pretty much reminded me of a middle school dance on steroids. Everybody looked like they just got off the bus from Atlantic City. But, this is pittsburgh so i guess trashy is to be expected.

The service was pretty good - there were lots of hot waitresses roaming around in wierd-but-still-sexy jumpsuits and i never had trouble getting a drink. What irked me the most, however, was the MUSIC. I dont know who thought it was a good idea to play techno bon jovi, but that person should be let go.

Also. Nobody cares that there are LCD screens on the wall when all they do is change from green to red to blue all night. what a waste of money. tear those things out of the wall and put urinals there so people have a place to pee.

By: Stang11 - Jun 26 2006 @ 03:42 PM

User's Rating: 10

I love diesel.

By: Denim debutante - Jun 26 2006 @ 03:42 PM

User's Rating: 10

Diesel is one of the better nightclubs to open in Pittsburgh since "Heaven" was at the Renissance Hotel downtown before the renovation of the new hotel. I have been going to clubs, lounges, exclusive venues all over the country and outside of the country as well for 14 years now..

I have seen good and bad clubs here in Pittsburgh. Heaven was one of the best besides Metropol. The only reason people are not liking Diesel is because it is a GOOD night club with great VIP areas, great prices on bottle's and people in Pittsburgh never get out much to the better places the world has to offer.. Before anyone says something bad about a club, get out of Pittsburgh first and then write a review.

The bottle service is pretty good for Pittsburgh, however in many other cities, it is $250 + for a bottle of yes..Grey Goose (my preference) and up to $1500 for a bottle of good champagne. So $125-$200 for any premium is not bad...and come on, if you get bottle service, #1 you can afford it, #2 you appreciate the customer service and atmosphere, and #3 are not cheap...FYI-to men who act like they are something and show off to get WOMEN (not girls)...

Yes, I go to Diesel, Yes I get bottle service and sit in VIP. They are a new club, the owners did it right, yes things can always be tweaked but that goes with time and trial and error. The music is what is played in most clubs except those who can (with time and reputation) bring in big name DJ's, acts, or even performances just like they do in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, LA, Vegas and so on...but give them a chance...thye have only been open for 3 weeks...

I am not being snooty or acting like something that I cannot represent, because I can back every bit of it up. I am just so sick of people not understanding an industry before opening their one knows what is good unless they have experienced it...get out to New York...see if you can even get into the clubs...

And yes I will be at Diesel every weekend..

By: Schmoovy - Jun 25 2006 @ 02:32 PM

User's Rating: 1

Diesel was terrible! Yeah the club looks nice, but the management sucks! The line is too long and the club is too crowded. Can't get a drink and you can't dance. When you get done going to the bathroom you might as well get back in line to go again! VIP bottle prices are the most expensive anywhere in Pittsburgh! $170 for a $25 bottle of Grey Goose! It's the new hot spot, but after you go once you'll see why I'll never go back!

Before writing this off as an attack, please check out this users other reviews by clicking here.

By: JulieAngel - Jun 20 2006 @ 04:02 PM

User's Rating: 10

Well first off..

I loved how it looked.. i thought it looked nice.. and The vip was kewl you could see up into the vip thru the ceiling.. very nice..

THe House music was old hits that i liked which reminded me of my old party days.. :0)

The best part though.. Is ..One of the waitress bombarded into 2 of my friends crashed their drink all over them and all over the floor and the waitress ran off.. I got another waitress and she brought the manager over.. He brought them new drinks and apologized.. He made sure all was ok with them as well.. THe staff was really great and friendly towards me as well.

IT was overpriced .. The drinks and to get in..

I like the variety of nights they are going to offer.. cause im one minded sometimes .. I need other music other than electronic.. so there is my review.. im sorry for being lazy..

Oh.. and opening night when the girl danced from the ceiling in the sheet thingy.. that was really different and kewl.. the more creative the better.. i love it..

Amended review.

By: RandyChodes - Jun 16 2006 @ 03:50 PM

User's Rating: 5

I was there on opening night. It was not well organized yet. The waitresses seemed confused. I can totally see this place sucking once the curiousity surronding the opening dies.

It wasn't too crowded but getting to the bar and getting the attention of a bartender was tough. If you want to pack a place and keep people dancing you better keep the drinks coming.

They could manage to keep this place from turning to shit if they stay away from thug music and Eminem want-to-bes.

But on the bright side it give you one more place to actually see chicks at in the South Side.

By: Disgusto - Jun 13 2006 @ 01:10 PM

User's Rating: 10

Club Diesel is top notch! Every aspect of the club is first class, even the workers. They kept the place clean and I always had a full drink. I have definitely been staying out of clubs like Mama's and Matrix, due to the fact that it was way too crowded and there always seemed to be a fight breaking out. It seemed like everyone at Diesel was there to have a good time, not cause trouble. The music was great also, I'm not really into techno, but the techno that DJ H did play was good and kept the crowd dancing. Overall, this is the best Club/Bar in Pittsburgh.

By: DJH - Jun 12 2006 @ 12:33 AM

User's Rating: 10

I have been going out to clubs in Pittsburgh (as well as a few other choice cities' when on vacation) and I have NEVER seen anything like DIESEL. Where to begin... First off, they have this HUGE wall of lights behind the stage and it is programmed to the music. I have never seen anything like that before. Second, the prices are very reasonable. As a matter of fact, they're CHEAP. $3 to get in and like $3 something for a beer. I saw a few Steelers there too. I tried to get up to the "VIP" area but I was not permitted. Apparently it is for bottle service only? I was told that me and my friends could reserve a table up there if we bought and split a bottle of booze. Sounded a little expensive but the bartender explained that we can get like 4 drinks each out of a bottle. So $100 is not that bad if you concider 4 drinks @ like $5... times 4 people. Plus, you get to be in the "VIP". Third, the music there was AWESOME. A little hip hop and then a 180 degree turn to some really cool techno. I even heard this amazing remix of Fleetwood Mac (I think???) You can go your own way. The music was not at all like any other bar in this city. Most places it's like listening to your radio and paying for beer. But at Diesel, they play stuff you here on the radio but also a lot of cool upbeat stuff that I have never heard before. And it's good! Thank GOD someone finally put a place like diesel in the Southside. I predict a long, long life for this place. Oh, and the girls that work there are SMOKIN' HOTTIES!!!!!

By: Tense - Jun 08 2006 @ 09:13 PM

User's Rating: 9

Just returned to work from checking out Diesel's friends and family comp party.
Overall I really like the look of the place, beautiful bars, one on each floor. Upstairs has a nice vip feel to it with little areas some open some partially shielded.
I have no idea about the pricing, I'll try to go after work and do some recon on that.
Didn't see any food menus or specialty drink menus but hors d vours were being passed and the up stairs tables are all set up for bottle service.
Staff (most of which were very familiar to me ) were friendly and professional.
Sound system was too loud for me but sounded superb and the lights were also well designed. There is a partial stage that connects to a portable stage to form a whole area for bands to play on without cutting too much into the dance area.
I'm curious to see what they do with cover, dress code and pricing.
Again I always have to pick on something and that is the non-existent lighting for the stairs.
I fell going up them and I didn't even have a drink.
Other than that only time will tell but I wish my new neighbors the best of luck.

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