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Senor Frogs

Senor Frogs

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Senor Frogs
2506 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
P: 412-531-4666

Irish Sports Rock Local Hangout

Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diner's , ATM On Site
Games: Video Poker, Pool - 1 Table, Darts, Bowling, Arcade Games
Music: Karaoke, DJs, Disco, Folk, Jazz, Dance, Country, Rap, Alternative, Rock, 90s, Pop, 80s, Oldies, 70s

Bar Hours

Sun. - Sat.4:00pmtil2:00am

Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft $2.50 $4.00
Draft Beer Bottles $2.75 $3.75
Draft Beer Pitchers $7.75 $14.00
Frozen Soda Mixed Shot




Mixed Drinks




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Review Unreviewed

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Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Sunday Specials & Events No Cover

$5.00 Domestic Pitchers

Monday Specials & Events No Cover

$5.00 Burger And Beer$1.75 16 Oz Yuenglings 9pm-midnight.Monday-friday Happy Hour 5pm-7pm2 For 1On All Beer And Well DrinksBarsmart Girl Elyse Is There!

Tuesday Specials & Events No Cover

30 Cent Wings, $3.00 Captain Morgan & Bacardi DrinksMonday-friday Happy Hour 5pm-7pm2 For 1On All Beer And Well Drinks

Wednesday Specials & Events No Cover

Western Wednesdays50 Cent Tacos,$1.75 Corona And Corona Lights 9pm-11pm Monday-friday Happy Hour 5pm-7pm2 For 1On All Beer And Well Drinks

Country Dj 8pm-midnight.

Thursday Specials & Events No Cover

75 Cent Mini Chicken Wraps, $1.00 Off Micro BrewsMonday-friday Happy Hour 5pm-7pm2 For 1On All Beer And Well Drinks

Karaoke 9pm

Friday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.50 16 Oz. Miller Lite 10pm-midnight,$2.00 Well DrinksMonday-friday Happy Hour 5pm-7pm2 For 1On All Beer And Well Drinks

Dj And Dancing

Saturday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.75 Coors Light $2.00 Well Drinks

Live Dj

User Reviews Average User Rating: 5.3

User Reviews Average User Rating: 5.3

By: Jus Ron - Mar 22 2015 @ 11:06 PM

User's Rating: 9

The best wings this side of the Rio Grande!

By: Nun2shabby - Aug 10 2011 @ 09:30 AM

User's Rating: 3

Used to go here years ago for Karaoke nights on Thursdays when it was Malones. You always had a chance to sing, the dj was very personable and the waitstaff (you know who you are!) were all super outgoing and always made sure you were waited on as soon as they could. On slow nights, you could count on having a conversation with Joe Schmoe sitting right next to you if you wanted. Food was pretty decent bar food, and cheap too! Still might be for all I know. When it changed over to Senior Frogs, it became very unsafe for some reason. There were fights any time I was there, our friends on the waitstaff would be so relieved to see old regulars and express how happy they were to see some old faces. That can be taken as one friend missing another, but it was clear that our waitress friend meant that the new clientele were dangerous. People were getting thrown out, cops called. Never did I experience this when it was Malones. The element changed. We stopped going because I didnt like leaving my wife at the table even long enough to go order another round. I won't be back. once you've lost a customer's trust, it is very difficult to regain it. Hope you get your situation turned around, Senior Frogs.

By: Ironbird - May 25 2010 @ 08:37 AM

User's Rating: 4

They are trying to make some changes but have A LONG WAYS TO GO! I used to come here often on Thursdays for Karaoke but my friends and I stopped, and started going to the Apple just up the road, due to element that was coming there for "15 cent wing night". These people would come there like rabid wolves to literally spend $1.50 on wings, drink water, and give everyone attitude. They don't tip the staff, and just over all cause trouble.. 1 particular night I purposely got there early to secure a table and a few chairs for my group before the crowd arrived. After a while the place was starting to fill up and 1 of my friends arived, while 3 or 4 more were in route. As the 2 of us are talking a Black guy a little larger then me walks up with a girl and sits down at our table. Doesn't ask if the seats are taken, or even say so much as a word. I look at him and say "excuse me but this is our table and those seats are taken.." He says "By who? I don't see no body.." I tell him our friends are on their way and that this is OUR Table! He Just says "Well then..." and turns his back to us.. I finish my beer, go up to the bar to get a new one and inform the bartender and bouncer about when had just transpired, in the mean time when these 2 people saw that I was talking to the Bouncer they got up and left our table then shot me and my friends dirty looks the rest of the night..

Last night I got a call saying they stopped having their Wing night and was trying to clear the place up so my friends and I decided to give it another try.. Upon my arrival the staff that I've known for quite some time were all still there and very happy to see me (is it a bad sign when the bartender whispers in my ear "OMG It's so go to see some white people come in here for once.. we're really TRYING to turn this place around..). I get a beer and stake out a table and await the arrival of my friends. Looking around the crowd seemed fairly evenly diverse and as the ones that were coming for 15 cent wings were turning around at the door and walking away saying their not coming back as soon as they're told no more wing special. a few min later these 2 black chicks walk in get a couple of drinks, walk over and plop their purses down on my table and start chatting away.. I just stood there wait to see what their intentions were. Are they thinking they're going to steal my table or something? after a few min the 1st of my friends shows up, gets a drink and comes to the table and it was about this point that the 2 girls grab their purses and disappear. The rest of the evening the crowd seemed well behaved and fun but before we knew it it seemed like an eclipse in there.. Honestly I am not racist at all and I have plenty of friends of all races but this situation was just uncomfortable. Finally it's the end of the night, I close my tab and the bartender, who is a friend of mine that I've known for several years thanks me for coming back and asks me to come support her in her cause to clean the place up. I tell her that I'll start coming back as long as things are changing in the right direction and any help I can give I will. I go in to the restroom for 1 final time before going home and that was that..

What I didn't know, until I got a phone call this AM, was as the girls that were with us were leaving a black man who was described to me as about 6' 3", 300lbs grabs one of my friends around the waist like he wants to tickle her! She doesn't know him and "Lets him know That touching her IS NOT welcome!!" and they start exchanging words with him saying to her "I'll Buy you".. Like really WTF is that supposed to mean and where does he get off grabbing anyone like that, that he's never even met before! one of our other friends that was still there ran and grabbed the bouncer who walked them out and to safety.

Senor Frogs, you have your work cut out for you. Way too many thugs and thug wannabes. Remember "You Reserve the Right"! You Know who's there to have a good time and Who is there for less then social reasons, and Who the problem makers are.. Ban them and stop their asses at the door!

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