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Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe

Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe

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Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe
1597 Washington Pike, Collier Town Square
Bridgeville, PA 15017
P: 412-279-8170

Six-Pack Restaurant Beer Bar Bottle Shop

Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diner's , ATM Nearby

Bar Hours

Mon. - Fri.11:00amtil2:30am

Kitchen Hours

Mon. - Thu.11:00amtil11:00pm

Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft $2.75 $3.00
Draft Beer Bottles $3.00 $3.75
Draft Beer Pitchers $8.00 $12.00
Beer Notes:  Huge selection of domestic, micro and import beers.
Frozen Soda Mixed Shot




Mixed Drinks




Drink Notes:  There is always a beer and cocktail of the day! Come in and find out what is new on the market at the Bottleshop cafe!

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Review Unreviewed

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Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Monday Specials & Events No Cover

5-7pm Happy Hour $1.00 Off All Drinks And $0.35 Wings All Day! (min. Of 6)

Tuesday Specials & Events No Cover

5-7pm Happy Hour $1.00 Off All Drinks And $0.35 Wings

Wednesday Specials & Events No Cover

5-7pm Happy Hour $1.00 Off All Drinks And $0.35 Wings Blue Moon Bottles Or Drafts $2.50

Thursday Specials & Events No Cover

5-7pm Happy Hour $1.00 Off All Drinks And $0.35 Wings

Friday Specials & Events No Cover

5-7pm Happy Hour $1.00 Off All Drinks And $0.35 Wings

Saturday Specials & Events No Cover

$1.50 Yuengling Bottles

User Reviews Average User Rating: 6.9

User Reviews Average User Rating: 6.9

By: BreeCellone - Sep 16 2015 @ 03:34 PM

User's Rating: 10

I would recommend The Pittsburgh Bottleshop because of the great service, ease of parking, and it is a great place to watch a football game and eat some great food. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful! Also, the parking lot is a decent size so it was not hard finding a spot so I could get on time to meet my friends. I enjoy places where I can watch a game and relax and The Pittsburgh Bottleshop defiantly had the atmosphere for that. Overall, The Pittsburgh Bottleshop was a very nice bar and I highly recommend it.

By: Livvvvvvv - Jul 08 2015 @ 01:06 PM

User's Rating: 8

The food at this bar was great, they have a large selection of craft beers. The bar has a ton of TVs and a large bar. Parking lot is crowded during the day because it is in a plaza. The bartenders and manger are all very friendly!

By: MRMOJO - Feb 14 2011 @ 04:50 PM

User's Rating: 8

We have eaten lunch there several times in the past 6 months. The food is mediocre....nothing particulatly stands out. Perhaps my biggest dislike is the seasoned fries. I've had the best luck ordering one of their daily specials.
The beer selection is very good, but the servers know next to nothing about their beer choices and even less about the different types of beer produced.
The servers are all female and the patrons are 90% male, mostly 25-40 year old white collar working folks from the offices in the area. Maybe that changes later in the day....I don't know.
I'd rate the place lower, but since I've only been there in the early afternoon, that may not be fair.

By: BoYnEz21 - Jan 03 2009 @ 10:41 PM

User's Rating: 8

It has a very large selection of beer. The foods pretty good also. I live real close so it's currently one of my favorite bars.

By: Rixx - Sep 02 2008 @ 09:57 AM

User's Rating: 2

It's a bar, so it has that going for it...

The waitresss and bargirls are "Pittsburgh-hot," which actually hurts the joint. See below.

The service is abyssmal. You order a anything but a beer or a drink whose ingredients are included in the name and you will have to give them a lesson on how to make it. And not just the first time, each time you order it.

Long after you have finished your drink and long before any of the staff notices that you are empty, you get to watch the girls that work there complain about their job, lean on the bar, sit in the furniture, and talk to each other instead of working. Even Hightops wasn't this bad.

Unfortunately being 7's in Pittsburgh has taught these ladies that the service part of their profession is optional.

It's a shame because the place started out strong and just got lazy.

Food is good, given how small the kitchen is.

By: Frank D Tank - Apr 07 2008 @ 11:41 AM

User's Rating: 4

The Bottle Shop could have been a decent idea. What guy doesn't want great looking bartenders, burgers and wings, and a robust selection of beers?

The problem: The bartenders and waitresses aren't terribly good at bartending and waitressing, the reputation as guy's gawker location has kept most women from going, and the food is mediocre. So you can talk to dudes and look at bartenders. It gets old.

What you end up with is a sausage festival chock full of the smarmy, balding golfer set, bland food, and overpriced beer.

Although a nice place to grab a beer and a six pack to get on a weekend day and catch some baseball.

By: Ryereelfishn - Oct 27 2007 @ 08:49 PM

User's Rating: 9

Def one of my favoirte places in the burgh.
Great beer & food.
prices are reasonable for a bottleshop.

Staff is very nice!!

By: RandyChoads - May 02 2006 @ 12:58 PM

User's Rating: 5

When this place first opened, FANTASTIC! I loved the place. Now, average wait time to get noticed by one of many bartenders who are on staff, about 5 minutes. The female bartenders were seemingly hired for their looks rather then their ability to identify and serve customers quickly. It gets frustrating to make eye contact with a bartender who is not doing anything only to have her check her appearance in the mirror behind the bar and then resume doing nothing. The owner or manger needs to either hire bartenders who get the job done or light a fire under these existing bartender's behinds. Expect long wait times to get drinks or better yet order two of what you are drinking to lessen the waiting.

However, the drinks are perfect. The prices are above average but the selection is vast.

I would only come back if the management does something about the bartenders.

By: Yoodle - Mar 16 2006 @ 03:29 PM

User's Rating: 4
I visited the PBC when it first opened, and I was relatively happy with it. The beer selection is pretty impressive, but the atmosphere wasn't really to my liking. I dunno why, maybe it was the strip mall location, but I just didn't feel comfortable.

The first time I went, we were greeted by the owner who introduced himself and talked with us for a bit. It was a nice touch, I thought.

I've been there a few times since, however, and I'm less and less impressed with the place, which is a shame since it's only about two miles from my house. There is still a great beer selection, and the newly opened addition has decreased the crowded feel, but I have had pretty poor experiences with the wait staff. It seems pretty obvious that they are hired for their looks and not their bartending ability. They knew very little about the beer, and most seemed more interested in chatting with their friends than serving the customers. The last time I was there I actually walked out because I sat at the bar for 10 minutes without being served... even though the bartender looked right at me more than once.

I don't know that I'll be back... I think I'd rather go to the Pour House.

P.S. - I think the original plan was to make the expansion into a Micro-brewery, but one of the times I was in there, the bartender told me that idea had been nixed.

By: CurtO - Jan 13 2006 @ 11:53 AM

User's Rating: 9

I was at this establishment just recently. They are now almost complete with their expansion to open up more booth seating. A large supply of many different kinds of bottles. A nice draft selection with domestic and micros.

I'm not sure how far along this is, or how credible my source was. But I hear they are going to put their own microbrew in.

I've been there for lunch, as well as happy hour. Nice crowd, attentive staff, quick service. Overall very good experience.

By: Plundis - Feb 02 2005 @ 12:28 AM

User's Rating: 9
I had been there intitially in a pre-opening phase. Let's describe this place. The BottleShop is a new strip mall location in Collier Township right as you come through Heidelberg along route 50. It is behind the Damon's steakhouse. This being a strip mall and new--- character of the overall area is blah-ha. See the photo of the exterior. Inside, things are more attractive. How attractive this place is depends on your taste. The walls are rose colored. There are some funky silver lights and shiny metal ventilation pipes overhead. All that along with some large PA type speakers. There are about 15 seats along the bar, 2 booths and 5 sit up high tables in the middle of the place. The walls are barely decorated with just a few beer promo mirrors. Not cluttered like a lot of places. All clean and new. I can understand how the three door coolers, totaling 9 doors overall could detract from the interior. However, they have decorative panels to integrate them into the place, are new and more attractive than most coolers. My waitress for lunch was a 40something. A beautiful blonde former beauty pagent type. Good looking waitstaff is seemingly a part of the formula at the BottleShop. Beyond being a knockout, my waitress was attentative and prompt. Zero issues, helpful. No empty glass at any point. Food was an issue. No vegetarian sandwiches or entres. Food is fairly limited to about eight appetizers, six or so sandwiches and a few chicken/seafood offerings. I ordered a salad and eggplant appetizer. The salad was very good. Really high quality spring greens. A large meal sized salad. The appetizer was served with a large side of marinara. Pretty good as well. I spoke with Marc (owner) about everything and the complaints that were posted along with the veggie/limited diet issues. Marc is interested in hearing about any problems. He's there a lot. He was in the kitchen this lunch time working on the food. The bottle selection is pretty decent. There were a few beers I hadn't seen in Pittsburgh before. The tap selection most notably has Victory Hop Devil and Stone Arrogant Bastard. This is a new place with business on the upswing. By all means give this place a try and let us hear about any problems and the good parts too.
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