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photos map web page Dancing Smoking Rated 8
3100 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
P: 412-281-3110

Upscale Restaurant Exotic

Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover , No ATM
Games: Arcade Games
Music: Metal, DJs, Rap, 90s, Pop, 80s
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16,000 sq. ft. adult entertainment complex which offers the most captivating female entertainers. With 14 large screen plasma televisions, watch all of your favorite sports here.

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Bar Hours

Sun. - Wed.4:00pmtil2:00am
Thu. - Fri.12:00pmtil2:00am

Kitchen Hours

Mon. - Wed.4:00pmtil1:00am
Thu. - Fri.12:00pmtil1:00am
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Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft N/A N/A
Draft Beer Bottles $4.74 $5.75
Draft Beer Pitchers N/A N/A
Frozen Soda Mixed Shot




Mixed Drinks




Review Staff Review: 10

Review Staff Review: 10

By: Nathaniel Beall

Cheerleaders scores high marks in all categories not because it is the best gentleman's club in the area, but because it is one of best nightlife spots in Pittsburgh. I've been doing bar reviews for a long time and it is very hard to find a bar or club with this much work thrown into it.

One of the first things to impress me? When the dancers are on the dance floor, they keep their bottoms on. I may be in the minority here, but I personally like a little mystery thrown in with my nudity. If a customer wants to see everything, they can go for a private dance ($25), champagne room ($250 for 1/2 an hour) or sky box ($500 hour) to satisfy their curiosity.

All of these areas are clean and comfortable with the champagne room being my favorite - bench seats with cloth upholstered backs set at 30o angles so you can just lean back and relax. The private curtain cuts you off from the rest of the world and it really is a private experience.

The sky boxes are where you really want to go with a friend or two. Private seating, your own TV, comfortable furniture and a view of the whole club. Oh yeah and there is of course the dancer who entertains you in private.

Speaking of dancers. Wow!

I've been to a lot of clubs in my time, but it was hard to keep with with how many of these girls had model-quality bodies. The best part is that most of them actually dance too. They can't do what a lot of lazy dancers do - crawl on the floor to get to the tips - because patrons can not reach the dancers. If you want to tip, you ball your money up and throw it on the dance floor. That way - she can do her act, you don't have to deal with that awkward eye-contact moment and everyone gets to enjoy.

Finally, and here is something that really surprised me, the food is very high quality and priced in a range that actually makes it an affordable dinner stop for just about everyone. There are cheaper tasting burgers up the road for more money. I, myself, fell in love with the seared tuna on a bed of spinach served with a balsamic/teriyaki glaze!

I love this place. It's a great place to go alone, a great place to take a bachelor party and also a great place to go with your girlfriend or wife if you wanted a sorta-naughty night out. She doesn't have to worry about full nudity.

I say this without worry of being told I'm wrong, this is the best gentlemen's club in Pittsburgh!

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Sunday Specials & Events $5.00 Cover

Happy Hour 5-7: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Drinks$15 Lap Dances From 4-7

During Steelers Games We Will Be Offering $2 Beers And .25 Wings! Join Us, The Last Sunday Of Every Month, For The Hottest Service Industry Night In The Burgh!! We Have Celebrity Guest Bartenders Joining Us From Your Favorite Night Clubs And Bars And The Legendary Dj Endless On The Decks! Come Down And See The Sexy Ladies Of Cheerleaders And Party It Up With Your Favorite Service Industry People.

Monday Specials & Events $5.00 Cover

Happy Hour 5-7: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Drinks$15 Lap Dances From 4-7

Monday Night Football Will Never Be The Same With Strip N Spin!! Every 30 Minutes We Will Be Spinning The Wheel Of Amazing Specials ($2, $3 And $4 You Call Its, Discounted Dances And Much, Much More!!) During Half Time The Ladies Will Be Getting Wet And Wild For The Wet Body Contest As They Compete For Cash Prizes.

Tuesday Specials & Events $2.00 Cover

Happy Hour 4-6: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Off Drinks From 6-12 Enjoy $2 Drinks, $2 Cover And 2 For 1 Dances!

Enjoy $2 Drinks, $2 Beers, $2 Cover And 2 For 1 Dances!!

Wednesday Specials & Events $5.00 Cover

Happy Hour 5-7: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Drinks$15 Lap Dances From 4-71/2 Priced Rooms From 4-8.

1/2 Priced Rooms From 4:00-8:00. It Doesn't Get Much Better Than That!!

Thursday Specials & Events $5.00 Cover

Happy Hour 5-7: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Drinks$15 Lap Dances From 4-7

Join Us For Happy Hour! 1/2 Priced Apps And Drinks. We Have Happy Hour Every Day Of The Week, Including Saturday And Sunday, From 5:00-7:00.

Friday Specials & Events $10.00 Cover

Happy Hour 5-7: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Drinks$15 Lap Dances From 4-7

Start Your Weekend Right With Happy Hour At Cheerleaders! 1/2 Priced Apps And $2.00 Off Drinks. We Have Happy Hour Monday - Friday From 4:00-6:00

Saturday Specials & Events $10.00 Cover

Happy Hour 5-7: 1/2 Priced Apps And $2 Drinks$15 Lap Dances From 4-7 $2 Mills Lites During The Pitt Game!

User Reviews Average User Rating: 5.8

User Reviews Average User Rating: 5.8

By: Smilinlenny - Aug 06 2010 @ 12:15 PM

User's Rating: 5

So I went in to cheerleaders the other night with a couple of my buddys. This is truly a big beautiful club, but we went in on a Monday night and it was slow. The girls were all very friendly and definitely chatted us up. The down side was it took forever for us to get our beers. Only one bar was open which was about 3/4 full. At one point the bartender did apologize for the poor service but then left us again never to return. Over all the staff was very nice and the dancers mostly, very pretty.

By: Wiley Juggs - May 25 2010 @ 08:37 AM

User's Rating: 6

Thursday night the Meat Inspectors were invited to a very special first birthday party: Cheerleaders Pittsburgh was turning 1! When you think of a party celebrating a year of grinding and peeling, well, you just expect a crazy night, but previous un-fun experience at Cheerleaders had me walking in the door with the bar set low. We rolled in and set up shop at the bar where we proceeded to get fucked the fuck up. It was a party, after all, and the Meat Inspectors party hard. The place was packed and there were dancers everywhere. The scantily clad birds were flocking all over the place, perching on the laps of marks and really selling those private dances. Work it girls! I admire the hustle. These Cheerleader girls are a bunch of hot bitches. Really sexy girls in a wide range of looks – from a middle aged Bo Derek wanna be to young girls who look like they should be baby sitting rather than pole climbing for extra cash. We watched a heavy rotation of girls dance during the six or so hours we were in the club. I'm afraid the Inspectors fell victim to the strip club time warp, where an hour feels like five minutes and you roll in at 8pm and roll out at 2:30am without realizing it. Wanna know why we stayed so long? Because it was a great fucking time. Girls were dancing and laughing and seemed to be enjoying themselves – possibly because these girls were throwing them back all night. (Huge difference from the last time when the girls were obviously bored and the patrons were too.) The dancers have to pay full price for their booze, something that ruffles my feathers a little. These broads are up there shaking their tits and bringing in the beer guzzlers... I feel like they should earn at least some kind of discount on the sweet nectar. One lil' darlin caught our eye and flirted with us from the stage. When she was done with her set she promptly bought us a shot and put her fedora on our heads and instructed us to give some much needed attention to the bouncer. Drunk and happy, we obliged. I grabbed his bulky arm and flirted shamelessly and earned a few smiles over the night. Perhaps he developed a soft spot for us, which would explain why we didn't get kicked out of the joint. The Meat Inspectors get away with stuff ugly girls can't even dream of doing. A blonde pixie was grooving to the tunes on the floor next to me and oops! Nip slip! Conversation as follows:
Stripper: Will you lick my tit?
Wiley: You want me to?
Stripper: Yes!
Wiley: Ok! *slurp*
I licked the pink love-button nips and have suffered from tit lust ever since. No wonder dudes love those things. Next up Stormy Daniels took the floor. Here is all I have to say about Stormy – she's a real fucking woman. She's thick and gorgeous and real. Minus her giant melons, which are fake and look like a chiropractor's nightmare. Ms. Daniels lit some candles and lay on a blanket and dripped hot wax all over her body. She was fully nude which I, of course, appreciated. She had a landing strip, that girl. That's two strip clubs in a row with bearded clam. You heard it here first folks – pubes are making a comeback. They're going to be huge this season, like Ugg boots for your lower lips. Get ahead of this fashion trend and get a blow out for your bush.
My second attempt at Cheerleaders was a blast. Not one member of our crew left dissatisfied. Drinks were expensive – as to be expected in a strip club – but they were tasty and kept right on rolling. The girls were a blast. They'd leave the stage just to jump back on and simulate some hot lesbian action with each other. Scissoring a'plenty that night! Of course Mix Master Mike was excellent cranking out the jams that had this gal shaking her shit like she was a ho-fessional. Still no vag, but if you don't go in expecting it you won't be disappointed. Meat Inspectors had a great time. Shit got crazy, and that's just how we like it.

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By: Anna - May 19 2010 @ 12:03 AM

User's Rating: 7

The Meat Inspectors were sent on an assignment to peep out the
Cheerleaders 1 year muff-versary, so we put on our stripper heels and went to do work son. We rolled in while it was still light outside which made us feel the extra squeeze of sleaze. But we are dirty broads, so a heavy hand never offends. Surprisingly, it was already busy. We made our way around and settled in and proceeded to double fist our way in hijinx.

Throughout the night, I had the pleasure of overhearing some amazing conversations in the bathroom. I love observing strippers in their natural states. The things you learn!

Things I heard:

A stripper talking about how she hates E and will never do it again.

A girl discussing how she got her stage name. It was based on a feminist leader and she thought the irony was funny.

A girl sitting on the floor smoking a cig talking about how sometimes the humanity is too much to take.

As well as what strippers do on their periods. For reference, they cut the string and just keep a check that it's not showing. Due to the Kegel muscles being so strong, it just stays where it's supposed to.

The girls were fun as usual. The guest dancer of the night was Stormy Daniels and she puts on a great show that involves hot wax. It seemed to push the other females into a feeding frenzy. Soon, there were scissor sisters galore and the Meat Inspectors were happy bitches. There is this lusty brunette that both Wiley and I love. She sells it right to you and is cute while being smutty. I started pleading my love to her and soon Wiley was yelling to her that she could move in and never have to work again. Ms. Juggs is willing to get a second job to send you through trade school, lusty brunette with the pretty eyes. I like Cheerleaders because they have a different variety of girls. Everything from crazy girls that look like they will set your house on fire to girls that look like they would babysit your kids

Mix Master Mike guest DJ'ed for the event and transformed 20 Jay-Z songs, TI, Dre, and Led Zeppelin into a hip-grinding, slip sliding good time. We danced like it was our jobs, not the ladies. We were grooving and having a good time when we caught the eye of one of the friendly fillies. She came up to us after her set. Natalie is a normal girl with a great body who likes to connect with her marks and make great conversation. Sometimes you want a chatty girl. She wasn't making a lot of tips and came over ready and willing to get fucked up. She said it would make the night worth it. What we have to say about this is go give this girl your money. She shouldn't have to be naked buying her own drinks at full price with the little tips she earned. She's talent with personality. We felt like part of the team when she started buying us drinks as well. You know you are rollin' hardcore when the strippers buy you drinks and you outdrink them. At the end of the night, we saw our girl being carried out. Well played, Natalie. You, at least, had a blast.

Sometimes, when the booze is flowing and the music is bumping, the Meat Inspectors can work themselves into a tizzy. Its like the magic hypnotic powers of tits and twat. They can steal six hours in a single slot shot. We swaggered out into the night giggling and drunk on >gratuitous nudeness.

I still have the same complaints about Cheerleaders. It's hard to give the girls their money and that because of this, it seems the girls make less money. And, of course, the lack of labia. However, they throw a great party and regularly have in great guest DJ's. Happy birthday, Cheerleaders.

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By: Wiley Juggs - May 11 2010 @ 08:31 PM

User's Rating: 5

Cheerleaders: Mystery of the Missing Meat

I can sum up my night at Cheerleaders in one word: disappointing. I had planned on a debaucherous Sunday night – the kind of night where you have so much fun that it's ok that you look like Skeletor with your sunken in eyes on a Monday morning. I rolled into Cheerleaders with my fellow inspector and one of the coolest dudes I know, ready for some shit. Nada. Nothing. Boredom. It's like I have strip club blue balls. So much excitement and build up and then... nothing... just a cock tease and a good night peck on the cheek. The joint is a classy place, really, big and open with lots of TV's, a good sound system, and posh interior. The problem – the stages are set back behind the bar, so that you're not able to really sit at a 'tip rail' which means that you have to wad up your dollar bills and throw them to the girls on the stage at least five feet away from you. STUPID. I mean, the girls probably enjoy not getting pawed at by creepy perverts, but they can't possibly make as much money as the girls who work up close and personal with their clientel. We sat back from the bar and watched the girls shake their money makers. They were grade A dime pieces – nimble and flexible, too. One Toni Braxton lookalike wrapped her foot around the pole then around her head and sucked on the heel of her bright yellow platform shoe. Sanitary? No. Impressive? Yes! There is a small center stage with four seats on each side of the stage. This was the only meat inspection station we could really find. We sat and eagerly awaited the beav. To our dismay, there was no beaver to be had. The girls weren't giving up the vagina. If we were going to see any meat that night, we were going to have to order the roast beef sandwich from the menu. The serious snatch drought turned this inspector's vertical smile into a vertical frown. At our normal cooter clubs we can count the labia folds. At Cheerleaders we just got views of the crotch seams on the polyester panties. Boring.

It wasn't all soul drainingly tiresome. I did get to witness a 'make it rain' moment for the first time in my life. Some dude walked to the girl on stage in wild-eyed amazement, stood there for 30 seconds then threw a seven dollar wad of ones into the air all over her back. It was literally like he prematurely ejaculated currency all over the place. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch. He did it two more times, probably for a total of twenty bucks, and then sat down in his seat breathing heavy and completely spent.

The atmosphere at Cheerleaders was great – fun music, friendly and energetic pieces of ass – but without free range twat Cheerleaders just missed the mark. A friend of mine assures me that Cheerleaders does offer full nude dancers on a regular basis. Maybe we were there on an off night? Perhaps Cheerleaders doesn't show the puss on Sundays – it is the day of rest after all, and those vajays are probably pretty tired. So I will give Cheerleaders another chance. But Cheerleaders remember this – Bore me once, shame on you. Bore me twice, shame on you again – you've got one more chance to make it right, so you'd better put out.

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By: Anna - Apr 29 2010 @ 04:18 PM

User's Rating: 6

Sunday night at Cheerleaders is SIN night. It's Service Industry Night, but it sounds so depraved that we were a little extra juicy about the prospects of the evening.

Upon arrival, we learned that they charge you $5 to valet park your car in their giant lot. My Inspector Juggs parked her own car and still had to pay the $5. So note...the cover is usually $10, but you might as well say $15.

It was a little slow when we showed up, so there was only one dancing darlin' out. She was grinding on a pole in the center of the round bar. Now everyone had a pretty decent view of the show, but the distance caused a problem for payment. The patrons had found a solution by wadding the money into tight balls and throwing it towards the stage. Now I'm always interested in a game of cooch ball but there were no ballers in the group, so it had deteriorated into strippers being smacked in the faces while trying to be erotic. It seemed as if the guys were trying on purpose to hit the women in awkward moments in non-sexy distracting places. If it can't be sexy, it should at least be smutty, and this was neither. The crowd filled in while we were milling about watching the train wreck of interaction. Did I mention that a guy had been thrown out moments before our arrival for throwing quarters at one of the strippers? Anyway...Cheerleaders has a cornucopia of pretty faces with different types of gimmicks. I have seen several of the girls at other gina joints, so I know the place was full of quality snatch, but we couldn't even sneak a peak! Everyone, dancers to customers seemed bored. Everything is more fun with pussy. I had hoped to see the tunnel of love, but instead, the closest I got was an older woman in some serious theater makeup pulling up her panties tight against her. The meat inspectors, for the first time, paid a woman to leave. However, she didn't we did. An hour into one of our favorite past times and we gave up. The cunt hunt had failed.

Cheerleaders was our second attempt at a classy cooter club. They were completely opposite from each other in just about every way. Blush was small, packed, full of folds in your face action, but cost $20. Cheerleaders is large, you are in no way rubbing elbows with other inspectors, it costs around $15, but no deli display. So, if you want some knee grinding in your crotch action, roll out to Cheerleaders and have a private pep rally. But if you would rather window shop for drapes, this is not the place for you.

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