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Sunny Jims

Sunny Jims

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Sunny Jims
255 Camp Horne Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15202-1604
P: 412-761-6700

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Bucket of Beer Speicals during all Penguin Games and Nascar Races.Karaoke on Wednesday nights.

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Review Unreviewed

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User Reviews Average User Rating: 7.3

User Reviews Average User Rating: 7.3

By: Livvvvvvv - May 21 2015 @ 10:51 AM

User's Rating: 9

I always drive past Sunny Jims but I never went in until this past weekend. It was a hidden gem. Then have a huge bar in the front, a lot of general dinning seating in the middle, and then another large bar in the back half indoors, half under the covered patio with more seating under the cover patio. Beyond all of these seating places the upper outdoor patio is awesome, they have a waterfall and it is landscaped beautifully. The bar is every family friendly. The bar and restaurant were very clean and well kept. They had a ton of staff on hand so no one was ever waiting for a drink or to place an order. I will be returning to this bar a lot this summer! I met Jim himself and he was very nice and kind!

By: Kate K - Mar 03 2015 @ 01:22 PM

User's Rating: 7

Sunny Jim's is large and hosts live bands! The carry some of the best domestic and craft beers in Pittsburgh. I did not order food, however staff was generous and made sure I was comfortable. The owner was present and ensured customers were enjoying themselves. I really like the size of the establishment and while it was large, it still filled up nicely. I would definitely recommend Sunny Jim's.

By: Glee - Apr 22 2010 @ 01:34 PM

User's Rating: 2

So, we go to Sunny Jims to eat. It isn't too crowded, maybe 12 tables and 4 waitresses. The sign says seat yourself. We pick a booth someone just left with two glasses and a tip on it. After 10 minutes I flag a waitress down and ask her if we have a waitress because the sign said "seat yourself". She says "oh, I don't know"? A waitress then comes and takes the glasses, another one comes and takes the tip without either one saying anything. Another 5 minutes and a waitress finally cleans the table and gives menus and takes drink order.

He orders a sandwich with fries, I order a philly steak with a salad. After about 15 minutes the waitress asks if I would like another wine.....I said no, and my husband said "but she WOULD like her salad.....and some silverware! She says "oh, the salad" and goes and gets it. When the meals come out, no french fries and my philly steak which menu says has grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms and mayo, looks like a philly steak salad.....all lettuce & tomato, VERY little steak and 2 mushrooms, 1 slice green pepper and no onion or mayo. I don't even eat it. She comes to ask if alright and I show her the sandwich and tell her to take it back and not charge me.

I took a few bites of his sandwich, but we had both lost our appetites by then so he asks for the manager and the waitress says, WHY, what's wrong? . I expain it all to manager and she says " you sat at a dirty table"? I told her the sign says "seat yourself". I guess our mistake? Then she says did you tell them to take the lettuce & tomato off the sandwich? I told her no but without it there was no sandwich. She ends up taking the food off the bill, well big deal, I didn't eat anything! We both were looking forward to eating there because we heard some nice things about the place. We both found the waitresses rude and the food less than average, which is unusual because we usually don't agree on much

By: BigAsYou - May 17 2009 @ 05:51 PM

User's Rating: 9

Lunch is the perfect opportunity for me is the perfect time to check out bars for lunch. Usually, the places aren't crowded and you can get a genuine feel for a place. At least in my opinion. The bartenders aren't too busy service spirits and can chat a bit with the patrons.

Sunny Jims was the next stop on my agenda for this month. I've heard some interesting things about this bar and from the sounds of it they had vastly improved themselves.

July 2008 found Sunny Jims a blazing inferno. The owners took the disaster as an opportunity to "reinvent" the bar and did a remarkable job in the process. October 2008 they re-opened their doors to a now non-smoking establishment. The place inside is decorated as "brand new rustic" but the delicious menu is just the same as it had always been.

Inside the ample bar/restaurant are red "leatherete" booths lining the walls and the usual tables and chairs etc. But, I love to sit at the bar and order lunch. This gives me a good chance to visit with the barkeep. She recommended four items on the menu. The burger, Philly Cheesesteak, Prime Rib, and usually their daily special. Today I settled for the obligatory burger and their homemade potato chips. Since I am on the clock with I selected a diet soda instead of a beer. Their on tap beers consist of 8 domestic and a good assortment of imports. They had a full well and many call liquors as expected.

There is a huge back deck behind the building overlooking a stream and the surrounding forest. A really nice venue in the warm weather months. A 25 foot outside "television" screen was added and is supposed to be the largest around the area. I've been told that Sydney Crosby looks awesome standing over 20 feet tall! Friday and Saturday nights there is usually some sort of band playing at Sunny Jims. I've been by this place on a Saturday night and it was packed.

My 1/2 pound Black Angus burger arrived cooked to my instructions. I about had to unhinge my jaw just to eat the massive burger. The homemade chips were outstanding in every way and I wish they would have given me more. I do recommend them over the usual boring french fries. The bar tender about tried to drown me by keeping my glass filled the entire time I was there. Thank goodness the bathrooms are right next to the bar and were super clean and smelled great too. I noticed everyone else seated at the bar was well hydrated as well. The service was impeccable and way more friendly than some other places I have frequented. Above the bar were no less than 5 big screen televisions. During game time there is not a bad seat in the house.

The daily specials appear to be well thought out menu items and from what the other patrons told me everything was good on the menu. I do want to return and try their Prime Rib!

Overall I would say the Sunny Jims is a great place for friends or family during the day. Night time appears to be more of the party crowd. The atmosphere reminded me of a very solid locals place but still had a Ma and Pa friendly vibe as well.

By: Davecli - Dec 06 2008 @ 08:40 PM

User's Rating: 8

Sunny Jims was a local hangout that I would frequent when I lived in the area a few years ago. I was in the area yesterday, and decided to check it out again.

They had a fire there a couple of months ago, and were shut down for awhile so I wanted to see if they had made any changes. What a great bar! I always liked it, but since the fire they really improved the place. It's clean as can be, the restrooms were nice and the prices are very reasonable. We had lunch which was good and just chatted with the bartenders for the afternoon. The owner came in (he does not know me)and bought us a round of drinks...How often does that happen???

They also have an outdoor area with a small stream running through it which would be a beautiful setting during warm weather.

Even though I don't live in the area anymore, I'll be sure to stop in again whenever I'm in the area.

By: Stefanrox - May 07 2003 @ 04:38 PM

User's Rating: 9
Great place!!! Very large bi-level stage and dance floors. Execellent Foods and fantastic drinks... Electrifyers luv playin Sunny Jims!
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