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Jack's Bar

Jack's Bar

photos map Darts Pool table Smoking Rated 8
Jack's Bar
1117 E Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
P: 412-431-3644

Six-Pack Rock Restaurant Old Timers Local Hangout College

Games: Video Poker, Pool - 2 Tables, Darts, Arcade Games
Music: Metal, Industrial, Disco, Rap, Alternative, Rock, 90s, Pop, 80s, Oldies, 70s
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Bar Hours

Mon. - Sat.7:00amtil2:00am
Dance floor
Look & Feel
Bar Size
Dance Floor Size
Dining Size
Bottled Beers
Draft Beers
Mixed Drinks
Frozen Drinks

Beverage Prices

Beer Types Domestic Import
Draft Beer Draft $2.75 $4.25
Draft Beer Bottles $2.60 $3.30
Draft Beer Pitchers $8.75 N/A
Beer Notes:  Drafts prices are based on large glasses. They do not charge local/domestic prices for Yuengling. Beer is always cold and fresh tasting.
Frozen Soda Mixed Shot




Mixed Drinks




Drink Notes:  Mixed drink prices are based on doubles, as that is all they serve.

Review Staff Review: 10

Review Staff Review: 10

By: Nathaniel Beall

Should Pittsburgh ever be fortunate enough to be the host city for the Olympics, I think that Jack's bar should be the official mascot. Jack's represents everything that makes Pittsburgh — well — Pittsburgh! The crowd is a diversified mix of locals, professionals, college students, bikers, businessmen (too many to list). In a single evening you can talk to someone about the proper way to grill a Monongahela carp, and then turn around and talk with someone else about immunotherapy techniques for mesothelioma. I know. It's happened to me. At one end the bar you may spot a guy who looks to be about four dollars away from being homeless, and on the other end of the bar you could find Ben Roethlisberger enjoying his usual Monday night beer.

The crowd here (including Big Ben) is always friendly, and if someone does get rowdy they get tossed out quickly. The drinks are cheap, big, and I can't remember ever having to wait for a refill. The bar tending staff is one of the best in Pittsburgh. They know their prices, they remember your drink, and they don't serve you beer with four inches of head.

I suppose that if you have read this far into the review I can let you in on a little secret — Jack's has a back room with 2 pool tables, jukebox, dart machines and more rest rooms. Everyone is divided on which room is the best, but I can usually be found in back.

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Weekly Specials, Happy Hours & Events

Sunday Specials & Events No Cover
Monday Specials & Events No Cover

$2.25 Miller Light Bottles Tonight 8-midnight!! Ladies Night - 25 Cent Wieners And The Nuts Are Free!

Tuesday Specials & Events No Cover

$2 Yuengling Tonight 8-midnight!! - Free Popcorn!Americas Oldest Brewery!! Weekly Giveaway.

Wednesday Specials & Events No Cover

$2 Coors And Coors Light Tonight 8-midnight!! - Free Popcorn!Coors Light Girls Will Be Here!!!Free Weekly Giveaway!

Thursday Specials & Events No Cover

$2 Iron City And I.c.light Tonight 8-midnight! Weekly Giveaway!!

User Reviews Average User Rating: 8.1

User Reviews Average User Rating: 8.1

By: Ecgorcsan - Sep 16 2015 @ 03:31 PM

User's Rating: 6

In my opinion this bar is somewhere to visit but not stay the entire night. It is a smoker's bar so if you are a smoker this is an ideal place for you. If you can't stand smoke don't come here. The plus id that the drinks are extremely cheap. The bartenders know what they are doing and will make the drink right the first time. They serve bar food and have daily drink specials as well. The size of this bar is pretty small in the front but they have a hidden back room with bar games which is cool. The only complaint I have is the smoke. I would recommend this bar if you are a smoker.

By: ValleyGirl - Aug 11 2015 @ 05:34 PM

User's Rating: 10

Jacks is a great place to enjoy good drinks and good music. They have good prices and great service. Highly recommended :)

By: Sdhoffman - May 08 2015 @ 11:01 AM

User's Rating: 9

Everyone and anyone can feel welcomed here. Fun atmosphere, quick service, and a comfortable place you can either go for a crazy night out or just relax after work!

By: Powellk1195 - May 06 2015 @ 11:44 PM

User's Rating: 8

Jack's bar is a hit for locals of all ages! I recommend anyone new to the city or just visiting check out this establishment. Other than the smoking, Jack's is perfect. Great drink selection, excellent food specials and tons of hometown pride! The backroom offers billiards, too! Jack's opens early & is a huge hit for St Patty's day. Their beer specials usually include some sort of prize giveaway, making the experience much better and more unique than most other bars on south side. Solid, friendly service and overall, an exciting atmosphere!

By: Tg108437 - Apr 06 2015 @ 04:18 PM

User's Rating: 6

This is a good bar to go to with your friends if you are looking to relax and not dress up. They have good cheap drinks and good music. If you don't like smoke then this is not the place for you. This would be my thursday night spot

By: Ashton22 - Apr 03 2015 @ 01:35 PM

User's Rating: 8

Jacks is a very fun and layed back kind of bar, there's two separate rooms with separate bars so the lines for drinks are never bad, also there's a lot of entertainment between the multiple pool tables to the darts! Love this bar

By: Kr387607 - Apr 03 2015 @ 12:15 PM

User's Rating: 6

Jack's is the classic Pittsburgh dive bar. It's usually filled with regulars throughout the week, and has a decent crowd Friday & Saturday nights. Great place to go if you want cheap drinks and to shoot pool. They also serve cheap food; but their menu isn't that extensive. In fact, their kitchen is located directly behind the bar the only way they serve hot food is directly from a microwave or deep fryer.

The best part about this bar—it opens at 7 AM daily. The worst part—it's filled with smoke.

By: Wrightc2570 - Apr 27 2014 @ 06:33 PM

User's Rating: 9

Jack's is a PIttsburgh staple. Great bartenders and a laid back atmosphere. Always feel comfortable whether dressed up for a night on the town or in jeans and a hoodie after a long day of work or class. Only downfall is the smoking (and this is coming from a smoker). It's not too bad when the doors are open in the summer.

By: Candymarie - Apr 06 2014 @ 06:16 PM

User's Rating: 7

Jack's is one of the best hang out/chill bars in the South Side. The drinks are cheap and the people (staff and customers) are always friendly and there for a good time. The music selection is good and there are two parts to the bar that you can go to. I do wish that you could pay with your card as opposed to cash only. They do offer food but I have never eaten it - it really doesn't seem that appealing. All in all a pretty fun bar to go to.

By: Otbst1 - Mar 14 2014 @ 09:39 AM

User's Rating: 10

Jacks is a fun but laid back spot. The bar is split and has one side that is more laid back than the other. The other side has dart boards and pool tables. The prices of drinks are by far the cheapest in the south side. They always have great specials. The bar opens at 7am. The two juke boxes make it nice for the younger crowd vs the older crowd. The bartenders are all nice, fast, and efficient! I love jacks.

By: Tessalauren89 - May 02 2012 @ 08:30 AM

User's Rating: 8

i don't really go to the south side that often, but about 90% of the time i do, i'm at jack's. it has a dive bar feel but with a larger crowd. the place is very small but the decorations are hilarious and the staff are all helpful and friendly. i once asked if the kitchen was still open and when the bartender told me it wasn't, she gave me two mini bags of chips for free to make up for it. the drinks are about average in strength and price but the bartenders are pretty knowledgable and learn quickly if you suggest a new shot to them. there's also pool tables and smoking inside.

By: Rainbows are forever - Nov 07 2010 @ 04:04 PM

User's Rating: 7

What happened to Jack's? Who are these people,and where did they come from? Oh,nevermind,they watch "reality" TV and mirror the fact,all the while they bemoan the smell of the bathrooms and smoke in the BAR(IT'S A FUCKING FULL-ON DRINKING BAR),NOT RESTURANT,AND CERTAINLY NOT DANCE CLUB,ASS-CLOWNS....Shut up or go away....No,just go somewhere else.

By: Smarter45 - Dec 28 2009 @ 05:27 PM

User's Rating: 8

I have gone to Jack's several times and each time it is a new experience. Whether you are local or from out of town, Jack's is a place you will want to try at least once. It is a great place. The bathrooms are not very clean, but it's the price you pay for an entertaining crowd. The drinks are extremely inexpensive. The cast of characters you see in this place ranges from someone relatively normal standing (because they are afraid to sit) and watching in awe as the circus unravels to the permanently affixed to their stool bar fly sucking down Budweiser and rail blended bourbon with a pack of Marlboro red's and the rest of last weeks paycheck sitting in front them on the bar. As mentioned earlier, it is a great place!

By: Chrys243 - Oct 19 2009 @ 04:03 PM

User's Rating: 9

I love Jack's and yes its because they open at 7 am . Go any morning and you will find the shady characters you expect but also a large amnt of workers finishing night shift. The bartenders are awesome and it's a great place to unwind after an unbearable night at work. It does get a little too crowded for me on weekends (I think I'm getting too old for wall to wall people). I can't say enough wonderful things about this place!

By: TooSweet4you - May 19 2009 @ 12:03 PM

User's Rating: 8

Jacks is always were we end up at the end of a night in southside. The bartenders are friendly and quick to serve you. There drinks there are cheap and usually strong. I prefer the backroom, it is usually less crowded and you dont have to wait in line for those bathrooms like you do in the front. I suggest trying some of their signature mix drinks like Batman and Liquid Ice.

By: Trav84 - Aug 25 2008 @ 01:55 PM

User's Rating: 2

How is this place still open? I got dragged in there on a friday night and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was sweaty and gross. It took forever to get a drink, and if I didn't have enough with that and the fact that it was so loud I couldn't hear myself think, I walked in the bathroom. It was filthy. There was urine on the floor and it smelled aweful. It looked like it had not been cleaned in years. I won't be back to jacks, ever!

By: Cbr1000rr - Mar 18 2008 @ 02:43 PM

User's Rating: 9

Went on a mini bar crawl last night (ST. Pattys Day) and there was no one to be found except for here. Great time, as always. Hot girls and reasonable prices for drinks. Highly recommended!

By: Shellypoo1972 - Feb 28 2008 @ 11:43 AM

User's Rating: 9

Ive been going to Jacks since 1996. I moved away for a while and every time I came to Pittsburgh I made sure I hit Jacks. The bartendars are soooo awesome! The food is cheap and GOOD! Where else can you get a FULL plate of fresh french fries for a buck fiddy?
and you gotta love a bar that opens in the morning! if you ever need to chase the tail of the dog thats the place to go! I LOVE you JACKS!

By: SpicyPisces - Jul 10 2007 @ 08:33 AM

User's Rating: 9

one of the best. cheap drinks and food, fast and friendly service, however I gave it a 9 only because everytime i seem to go i get weird stares from the customers. i dont understand why i and my friedns keep to ourselves and to do not cause a ruckus of any kind.

By: Jacksgirl - Jun 02 2006 @ 08:09 AM

User's Rating: 10


By: SirDrunkAlot - Mar 23 2006 @ 02:41 PM

User's Rating: 9

I go there far more often than is healthy for my liver or my wallet.

A great place to hang out, drink cheap drinks and play some pool with an interesting bunch of people.

Yes, it is dirty, divey and dicey at times but that just adds to the charm.

By: Natahley - Nov 18 2005 @ 02:43 PM

User's Rating: 9
Jack's is a Pittsburgh staple. It's like the Primanti's sandwich of Southside bars. The crowd is always ranging in ages and types of people. Everyone goes to Jacks! The bathrooms are kind of scary, and not the cleanest. But you can't beat the $2 captain and coke on Tuesdays, or the wings on Wednesday. Jack's is not to be missed if it's your first time in the Southside. I agree that it could be Pittsburgh's mascot! The sizes of drinks are decent, and service is usually relatively quick. Last time I was there on a Friday, they had 5 bartenders on staff in the front room to make sure everyone got served fast! Be sure to get their Mind Eraser shot-- the best in the Southside.

By: Melk - May 29 2005 @ 09:05 PM

User's Rating: 9

I loved Jack's!! I've been there once, but it was definitely a great time. The atmosphere was amazing and the people were so friendly! I loved it. The restrooms were a bit sketchy, but everything else almost made up for it. I loved it. Heading back for my birthday next weekend!!!

By: PixieDust - Mar 15 2005 @ 12:12 PM

User's Rating: 9
I went to Jack's, for the first time in a long time, last night. The place never changes, it's like comming home! The bartenders are awesome, drinks were strong and made correctly and the free nuts provided endless jokes. The only thing I didn't like was they turned the music up on the jukebox around 10:30, making it hard to have a conversation. Also, as I remember, this place get PACKED on weekends so if you're not a fan of crowds, you might want to come another time.

By: Snarfnugget - Jan 28 2005 @ 09:58 PM

User's Rating: 9
Ahh, good ol' Jack's. This is a Pittsburgh treasure. There is nothing fancy about this place at all, yet it has more character than any of the "hottest new club" places. You know the ones. They throw a ton of cash into the place, the same A-hole crowds just seem to move from one to another every 6 months. Not at Jack's. Don't get me wrong, the crowd at Jack's isn't the same everytime you go there. It's just that Jack's has its own personality. It's a very comfortable and fun place no matter what crowd shows up. You can't beat the prices, and the staff is the best in town (what up Scott). The only thing that keeps me from giving Jack's a ten is the jukebox. While there are alot worse in town, Jack's could afford to dump some of the hippie/commercial rock on it. Too much Dylan and Skynard crap. I could turn on a half dozen stations in town if I wanted to hear that garbage. Anyway, I've had alot of good flings with other bars, but I always come back to Jack's. It's the kind of bar you marry.

By: ZAK - Nov 30 2004 @ 12:58 PM

User's Rating: 2

By: Jkesser99 - Mar 31 2004 @ 09:25 PM

User's Rating: 10
Jack's is like a fluorescent oasis on the Sau' side. I currently reside in West Palm Beach, Florida and have yet to find a bar with a better atmosphere than Jacks. The drinks are cheap, the crowd is great and the bartenders very friendly AND QUICK. I love the 2 rooms. It makes for some great variety. Favorite drink is the JAGER-BOMB, ONLY $4.00.

By: Stillerfan - Dec 13 2003 @ 12:31 AM

User's Rating: 9
Jack's is the place to be on the South Side. I haven't met or talked to anyone who's bad-mouthed the place. It is a fun place to just hang out and BS with everyone. It is also a diverse crowd. On any given night you can walk in and find both young and old enjoying the place together. Oh.........and Jack's is ALWAYS open.

By: Hollie31180 - Oct 26 2003 @ 06:17 PM

User's Rating: 9
A fun places for anyone it can get overcrowded.Great shots!! Drink prices are good to . The bartenders a very knowledgeable and friendly.Definatley a place worth checking out.

By: Kari - Feb 03 2003 @ 07:21 PM

User's Rating: 8
my one and only complaint is the bathroom, why is it constantly overflowing in the front? The company there is diverse and fun, the bartenders are great. hint: Go to the back for toilet needs.

By: Neenster44 - Sep 17 2002 @ 04:25 PM

User's Rating: 8
Jack’s is one of the best bars in Pittsburgh. One thing I must point out first is that its open 7 days a week! The bartenders at Jacks are very friendly and hard working. I enjoy “the back room” at jacks the most. I am always able to sit in a bar stool and order a flaming dr. pepper shot! Not many bars in Pittsburgh is this shot permitted because of the fire content. Jukebox is one of the best in the southside and always a nice crowd. Two thumbs up for Jacks!

By: Smosh - May 22 2002 @ 07:11 PM

User's Rating: 9
Jack's is the funniest. It is by all means, a dirt bar. But to start out and hang out early, this may be the best place in the south side. Cleaner than Brewski's but just as cheap, you can get your fill of goodness for less than $15. Visit this place if you want to do shots. Rounds of them are the most affordable in Pittsburgh.

By: RecursiveRich - May 20 2001 @ 11:01 PM

User's Rating: 8
Pretty cool place, good songs on the jukebox, no cover on Saturday nights, and they even server 16 oz cans of old milwaukee.
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